One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song,

read a good poem,

see a fine picture, and,

if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German dramatist, novelist poet, and scientist (1749-l832)

You will be light of heart if you think of others before yourself.  A random act of kindness, even a very small one will warm your heart and those who are the recipient.

Can we even measure what a  reasonable word, a positive thought will bring to a stranger.

A compliment  honestly given.

A gracious gesture giving a fellow motorist a break in traffic.

Holding a door for someone younger or older than you.

Letting the person with just a few groceries go ahead of you in  line.

These are little things,  easily done,  simply accomplished.

Unwarranted criticism to those in the service industry is  negative.  I find it sad when I hear someone   complaining  when   their purchase isn’t wrapped quite the way they desired.   A store’s inventory  does not include  the colour handbag they want . A  harried waiter is a little slow with their order.

We have so much.  We enjoy so many things.  None of this should be taken for granted.

Every day one should perform reasonable and random acts of kindness.

A light heart is a good heart.



  1. If only there was a little bit of this in the heart of everyone……….the world would be a better place.

    I can’t think of a better New Year’s resolution.

    Your Biscuit

    • My darling Biscuit – it is so easy to have heart. One wonders why it is so difficult for people to understand this. They must be so bankrupt, with so little compassion, understanding and love, their lives are bleak beyond belief. XXOO Meece.

  2. Oh my dearest, dearest, Virginia!!! You quite hit the nail on the head for me! As you know, I work in the retail – service industry and I agahst at the behaviour customers exhibit. I am almost 60 years old and customers will hit me (hard) with their shopping carts, if the perceive I am in their way. Cursing, throwing things and downright rudeness occur several times a day. I always wish I knew where they worked so that I could return the favour, though I know I could never behave in such a manner. To top it off my company have a not tolerance policy for any customer complaints, so these evil people will complain when they are the ones who are inappropriate……just amazing! Of course then there are the marvelous Virginias of the world. Who brighten my every day. They come in with a smile, a greeting and often times a hug and a kiss……..and I do not even know their names. A bright ray of sunshine. Sadly the ones who I find behave the worst are the people of Sunday, when they shop after going to church. 90% are so arrogant, rude and condescending I often wonder if they heard any sermon that day. Oh well, see you hit a nerve! I am so very thankful for the Virginia’s in the world. Thank you for reminding us to become more evolved. Our time is so very short here, we really should try just a bit harder. XXXOOO Tin Man……….oooooooo I mean Chef Emil……lol

    • We see this cart-shoving behavior frequently at the big box store Costco. The Good Husband has an interesting way to handle people who decide they want to push their cart into him or walk into his space. He stops dead. And because he is an enormously strong person it is like hitting a brick wall. He can be intimidating but always very polite and smiling. But he is always the first person to help someone. For the rest, these people who behave badly are carrying some really bad karma.

      Chef Emil, we were in the service business for thirty years. In our restaurants we had a zero tolerance policy for abuse to our staff. Anything less was condoning and encouraging bad behavior. We were loyal to our staff and considered them members of our family. Customers who acted inappropriately in our restaurants were encouraged not to return. In this life enough negativity creeps in – but not on my watch.

  3. Virginia, this is the perfect post to launch the month of February. Slow down. Enjoy. Appreciate. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind. Spread warmth. Spread joy. Connect. Connect. Thanks for the reminder. Beautiful image. Beautiful words. . . T.

    • One doesn’t want to sound preachy, but I have had some amazing first hand experiences with kindness to strangers. It takes so little and returns so much to do this. The putti hangs in my bedroom. He is my guardian angel Theadora.

      • How lovely that this beautiful Putti hangs in your bedroom! On the 19th of this month I shall be hosting a Cupid Party for those who work in my department as a thank you. I am already working on the tablescape…..perhaps I should do a blog post about the party??

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