I am not sure if Valentine’s Day at school is a big event anymore.  When I was attending our Cottage School (grades one to four) it was the  war years.  There were shortages and even greeting cards were difficult to find.  Valentine cards for children were  book form,  and you were required to spend hours cutting them out.

Days before February 14th preparations began.  The Valentine box was constructed.  It had the mail-box slot in the top and was adorned with paper lace doilies all around.  It was a competition to see who would garner the most cards.  There was always some students who only received a few cards.

I would cut out ALL the cards in my Valentine book.  More than enough to give one to each of my fellow classmates.  But, then for those who I felt might be ignored I would give two or three more – signed “your friend”.  It was my little secret.

I’m sending a Valentine card to everyone who has  taken  the time to come into my world.   May your day be  one of love and happiness.




  1. Thank you my friend.
    I bought cards for the kids this year and I was told that Natalie and Travis do not do that anymore(grade 6 and 5) but the others were thrilled.
    Hope all is well in your world.
    I do so miss you
    Love Donna Hall

  2. Oh Virginia, once again you stir up the memories of old. We also made the Valentine’s “mailboxes” and shared our cards with each other. How sweet you are to have always looked out for others. Your tender heart is so very appreciated today, by those of us who love you so! Happy Valentine’s Day to you my beautiful friend. XXOO TM

  3. I am a day late but thank you for the lovely vintage card! Love them! I am grateful to have you for a friend as your posts always inspire. How kind of you to make extra Valentines from your generous heart. You continue to show kindness to your fellow bloggers who appreciate your encouragement. Peace and love to you!

    • It is bloggers like you,Jonel, and Theadora, Tin Man, Trcia, Celi, who introduced me to a world I didn’t know existed. I had absolutely no idea what blogging was all about. I was being pressured by The Good Husband, and The Good Younger Sister, to start writing again. To keep them from nagging me constantly I started writing my blog. And it is I who are grateful for all the outstanding people I have met blogging. If wishes could come true I would visit each of you. My arms filled with goodies from the kitchen, and bottles of wonderful wines. We would nibble away, drink our wine and talk until the sun came up. XxOo Virginia

      • It would be in the 6th Arrondissement. The ancient cafe long and narrow. The floor a mosaic of worn tiny black and white tiles. The walls dark,aged wood paneling. The tables crowded together. The ghosts of Satre, Beauvior, Camus and Sagen hover around us, eavesdropping our conversation. Indeed my darling Tin Man it would be fun.

  4. One of my favorite early school memories is making Valentine’s boxes, and then giving and receiving Valentine’s. Loved it! My mom always made sure I gave one to everybody and no one was excluded, but I never thought to give anonymously like you to those who might have less. How kind that was–what a terrific idea.

    Loved your post and the Valentine photo! Thank you, Virginia.

    • It is interesting Lori, how so many of remember the Valentine Boxes. There was one particular girl in our class, pretty little blonde thing. She would boast about how many Valentine’s she received. And being more than a little irritated by her I made up my mind that some of the girls who got overlooked would – that year- receive more than her. I don’t know who was more surprised – Little Miss Popularity – or the ones who got the most valentines. It would appear I was not all that altruistic. Virginia

  5. Very sweet story : ) I always loved making my “mail box” for all my valentines to go in too. You are such a sweetie for making the overlooked girls feel more special. Little Miss Popularity should learn some manners : P I never like fake people like that. That’s why I adore you….you are truly a special person and I’m so glad we found each other!!! G

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