BASIC DATE LOAF (Otherwise known as Blind date Loaf)


Of all the quick breads I make the date loaf is my absolute favorite.   The very name dates conjures up exotic images of date palms and desert sand.  In one of our restaurants we baked date loaves in round pans.  They were sliced and sandwiched together with a combination of cream and old cheddar cheese.  It was a favorite on our luncheon menu. The recipe is very versatile with several variations. BASIC DATE LOAF should be in your apron pocket, after all you never know when you might need a blind date loaf.


15 thoughts on “BASIC DATE LOAF (Otherwise known as Blind date Loaf)

  1. Oh, I will enjoy trying this one. And I finally had the sense to LIKE Mrs. Butterworth on Facebook so I can see all of your recipes. You cook with love! Good looking couple on your profile picture.

    • Thank you Jo Nell Huff for the like on Mrs. Butterfingers Face Book I’ve just scrolled through your photographs on Face Book. You have a lovely looking family. I see restaurant photos. Are you in the trade? Cheers Virginia

      • Thank you! No, I am not in the restaurant trade but do appreciate good restaurants! I cannot imagine cooking for large groups but I do like to try different recipes and experiment a bit. Cheers to you!

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