Listen up you fashionistas and styling guys. You see them everywhere – the long Pashminas (or Pashmina knock-offs).  There are lots of ways to wear these scarves.  I recently sent two beautiful long scarves to my sisters.  They weren’t exactly sure how they should wear them.  Of course  I want them to be au courant.  There are many ways to tie these scarves but this is my favorite way.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002IMG_0003



Now how easy is that!

18 thoughts on “HOW TO TIE A LONG SCARF

    • Now I am pea green with envy. Absolutely take or buy scarves. My conservative but oh so elegant son immediately bought scarves and a hat when he arrived in Paris. He truly looked suave and debonair. XXOO V,

      • My dearest Virginia…….it is now only a few hours until we embark on our European journey. I have my scarf out and shall be thinking of you as I tie it. Think of me as you sit on the porch and sip your coffee and enjoy all your beautiful flowers, place a camilla blossom in the lap of Budda for our safe voyages. We sent you a little something with one of the flying monkeys….hope it gets to you soon. Now, go get the Good Husband and sit out in the sunlight together. XXOO Tin Man

      • Bon Voyage Tin Man and Augustine. Safe journey and many adventures. I will walk out and check the post box every day. How wonderful to receive something in the mail. XXXOOO to you both. Virginia

    • My younger sister thought the Pasmina scarves were for cool summer evenings (and they are), but they also can keep you nice and warm when it is minus 35 below. Let’s see if I can convince them Pat. XXOOV

    • The Singing Sangster has been dealing with her elderly Mother, or as we call her Little Darling. Sangster woman has weathered the storm and today she is doing nothing but listening music and working on getting her groove back. One hopes the soups helped just a little. XXOO Virginia

  1. I learned this a couple of years ago and I love scarves, Virginia! I keep buying them and am running out of room…they make such great accessories to outfits and thanks for this lesson, too! xox

    • Lauren here’s the deal. You can’t have too many scarves. And here’s how to store them. I picked up half a dozen black felted pant hangers at a Dollar Store. They hold around six pants in one go, and the felted surface keeps the scarfs from slipping. I use them for scarves and it can get quite a few scarves on one hanger. Plus you can see exactly what is hanging. I also color code my scarves – hang all the blue together etc etc.

      • I agree and right now, I have a board with hooks on it hanging in my room with a bunch on it. There is still room, but it’s getting pretty cozy. Thanks for the idea, too! 🙂

  2. That’s a helpful tutorial….but can you add one extra fold for someone super short like me???? Scarves are always a challenge to keep them from hanging too low. The colors of your outfit go so well with your room did you dress to match your decor lovely Virginia????? i’m sure for you it just comes naturally : ) Lot’s of Love….G

    • Ginny, try folding the long scarf in half, and then to the slip through tie. The living room had the best morning light. For my blog I don’t use a flash. I am mad for colour. I look at the shelter magazines with so chic all-white look or all earth tones – and I think how lovely. Then promptly go out and buy the sunniest yellow I can find. I am so mad for colour. The right shades of some colours have me swooning with delight.

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