What to do.

Where to go.

What to wear

in Paris tonight.

It’s off to Hotel de Louvre.

Paris aficionado and in the know on all things wonderful, Theadora of PEOPLE, PLACES AND BLING has me digging  in my wardrobe for clothes dating back to the Mad Men era.   As a writer for one of the largest ad agencies in Canada  I was familiar with the three martini lunches.  I had the perfect cocktail dress to wear to the bar Le Defender, and the accessories to wear with it.  One must celebrate Mad Men in style.







I shall sit at the bar, sipping slowly on my champagne cocktail.  A toss of the head and my very sparkling bling earrings will catch the light, and perhaps the attention of the distinguished gentleman across the room.  Paris is always an adventure.

Theadora is celebrating the sixth season of Mad Men in the most unusual manner.    You will love this fascinating insider view on Paris written in  marvelous tongue-in-cheek manner.    If Paris is in your future, or if  you have an on going love affair with Paris (like I do) than you will love, love, love PEOPLE, PLACES AND BLING


    • I had a lot of good times in that particular dress Celi. I imagine that is why I never parted with it – along with quite a few other items. The white gloves were purchased to wear with a ball gown. I still have the gown taking up a lot of space in my closet. XxOO V

      • My dear Celi,rather like the armoire in the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, going into my closet you enter another world. Japanese kimonos, glittering Indian tunics and skirts, silk coats and dresses from the fifties, a mermaid style ball gown heavy with re- embroidered lace and miles of tulle … they are all there chatting and gossiping about the old days, and complaining they never get to go anywhere anymore. XO V.

  1. I knew it! I rushed over to your house to tell you of the grand evening……you had already left! I grabbed the Flying Monkeys and took off only to see you steal into the door of the Hotel du Louvre before me! You vixen, grabbing the last seat at the bar with all the dashing men looking your way!

    • Not quite the last seat Tin Man. I was saving the next bar stool for you. I was flashing my bling, bling earrings, and I think I momentarily blinded you.. Sorry, I had to trip you with my ruby slippers but you WERE walking right past me. XxOO V.

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  3. Virginia, I’m late, I am very late, I’m afraid. For the love of Alice. I’ve been working in the field. The dress is gorgeous. I’ve been trying to add a link to my site without luck. I’ll try again tomorrow. Does the dress have a story? Does the ensemble have a story to tell? Do spill! How brightly you shine, er, outshine but inspire, always, always with your prose and images. Both you and Monsieur Tin Man inspire me on a daily basis. It’s true. I’m very curious about the dress, gloves and pocket book. Any fun stories?! Yes, do tell! Great colors for this red headed gal. The fitting is exquisite. T. (I also loved the shot of the bar. Ziggy is very pleased. You’d love him. He’s a doll!)

    • Every dress has a story. I wore this cocktail dress fifty years ago to a glittering Christmas gala. It was minus forty below. Bundled in furs I swanned into the room looking like a reject from Dr. Zhivago. The l940’s Bakelite ivory purse was my Mother’s. The chandelier earrings from an old beau. The white gloves originally purchased to wear with an over-the-top ball gown. Same ball-gown has developed a Cinderella complex and has been complaining about not getting equal press time on BEL’OCCHIO. V.

  4. Wowzers what an outfit…..stunning : ) Too bad the days of the cocktail dress are over : ( That green must have been ravishing on you with your beautiful brunette hair. A vision of loveliness….worn with class and sophistication. Thanks for sharing xoxoxo G

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