Have you forgotten the Count

and midnight on the terrace?

The Count … with  his little house in Cap Ferret.



Do you remember

It was raining?


We found a little bar.

Sipped champagne.

Thelonious Monk echoed our heart beat.


Early morning.

We walked along the river.

Dawn Over the Seine

Why didn’t you say “yes”  to The Count

with his little house in Cap Ferret?

I couldn’t.

My compass didn’t point true north.


(Dress # 3 in the continuing salute to Mad Men)


17 thoughts on “DO YOU REMEMBER ….

  1. I’m late again to the party, Virginia! I am loving, loving your series–this nod to your “little darlings.” Gosh, your last shot is such a beauty. Very haunting! I keep scrolling up and down the post. All the colors in the shots work work so well together. I am digging the blues and yellows, along with your words. Got teary, I admit. You see, I fell in love with my husband in Paris. Years ago, he proposed by the Henri IV statue (le Square du Vert-Galant at the tip of the Île de la Cité) on a very cold New Years Eve, after sipping Champagne. I said YES. Thanks for inspiring memories! T. (I thought he was going to present chocolate!)

  2. Dearest Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!! Gasp! Heart a Patter…..Palms Moist….oh what a magnificant story this is! I agree so with Theodora, I keep scrolling up and down and rereading the words, imagining the evening , I could hear the raindrops on the paving stones and feel the dampness of the air in my hair. The dress is so very beautiful and the photos and words are breathtaking. I have fallen into your words and walked in the shadows behind you. Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous!

    • Sometimes Tin Man – it is not what you say but what you leave out. I spun the words and left the spaces. Room for one to enter and continue the story – their story. The Good Husband is my compass. He is true north. XxOO V.

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