YES . . . I said . . . YES

08 PN Henry close

and then he asked me

would I say yes

to say yes my mountain flower

and first I put my arms around him


and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts

all perfume


and his heart was going like mad and


I said


I will


( excerpt from Molly Bloom’s soliloquy – Ulysses by James Joyce )

(inspired by Theadora  of  Paris –  PEOPLE PLACES AND BLING

(why I didn’t say yes to the Count – with his little house in Cap Ferret)

(and dedicated to Mel and Andrew..  Mel said yes, she said yes just a few hours ago)


6 thoughts on “YES . . . I said . . . YES

  1. You take us through the evening, dressed in a stunning outfit, out into the streets with the mist surrounding us and the music fading away as we wander near the river. Then, again, the music rises to a crescendo as the lover’s near a union…….but no..the pure heart seeks another….seeks perfection…..then yes the hearts beat as one, as both surrender to their shared passion…………whew…I need a glass of cold water.splashed in my face! Congrats to Mel and Andrew! ….. and to ou my darling for taking us on this marvelous journey! XXOO Tin Man

    • My dear, so very dear Tin Man. You make me smile when our worlds meet. The post was so appropriate. Andrew, our grandson, a man with the heart and soul, the handsome dark eyes, the winsome smile of a young Byron. Beautiful Mel, darling beautiful Mel; with the strength and courage of ten lions and an enormous passionate heart said Yes at a Montreal Canadian’s hockey game. She is a avid fan. So very Canadian. So very Mel and Andrew. We are over the moon. xxoo V.

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