Applesauce makes this cake wonderful moist.  The  cake is just right for breakfast or a snack.  The crumb is fine textured and delicate.  The walnut topping wonderfully rich and crunchy.  You can serve it warm or cooled.     This is the cake that will tempt us through the week-end.    It is an easy recipe to whip up for dessert.  One could gild the lily and serve APPLE WALNUT CAKE with a wonderful dollop of whipping cream.


16 thoughts on “APPLE WALNUT CAKE

  1. Delightful, moist with a cruncy top and steaming full of delightful flavour. The sour cream must really send this one over the edge. I have passed the recipe to Augustine so that he might prepare it for an evening snack and I can munch on it whilst watching the tele!!

    • Ah … so Augustine is the baker at home. Lucky you Tin Man. The Good Husband says the cake should come with a warning – you can’t stop at one piece (and he should no). Bon Appetit. XXOO V.

  2. I shall try this one also! Your Blind Date Loaf is marvelous! I like it because I can add different things. Husband can’t resist and neither can I! Sooo good. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Darling girl – it is a great recipe. My sister Heather phoned me and asked if it was the date loaf that I made years ago in Regina, Saskatchewan. “Yes” said I. “Great because that is the recipe I was looking for”. Have a wonderful weekend. V.

  3. I popped over because the weather is rubbish, cold and windy and with baby sheep and sick sheep , and here is a lovely moist cake, my favourite kind,just wish i could sit down and eat it with you with a good strong cup of tea, however I have some apple sauce in the freezer, I shall haul it out and see what i can do. c

    • I always think a good strong cup of tea will cure all ills. Today it might have helped just a little to come in from the barns to find a lovely cake waiting for you, and a lovely pot of tea waiting under the cosy. Your story about learning to pick apples is so beautifully written and so poignant it will follow me through this day and others to come. Celi.

  4. Apple walnut cake and Calvados…brilliant! That’s a fabulous adult dessert. Chef Thomas. It’s the second piece that leads one down the garden parth – but such a garden. Bon Apptit

    • Florence – the only problem with this cake that one piece just won’t do. You look at your empty place. Pick up a few left over crumbs. Look at the cake – then cut yourself another slice. Once in a while it is good to indulge. Life is too short not to have the second piece of cake once in a while. Virginia

  5. What a scrumptious treat. I adore baked goods with apples. Reminds me of fall. I’m thinking of subbing the walnuts for pecan???? Whats your expert advice???? Regards…..G

    • Absolutely. Replace with pecans. It will be wonderful. Chef Thomas on his blog added to my recipe. Before he put the topping on he put layers of thinly sliced apples. XXOO. V.

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