There as many ways of making Pollo Agrodolce as there are good Sicilian cooks.  What makes this dish so delicious is the ying and the yang of sweet and sour flavours.  You  can add almonds or pine nuts, some basil or mint instead of parsley.  You can make it with red wine and red-wine vinegar.  Some recipes for this dish  are spiked with saffron or anchovy, and some contain hints of orange-flower water.  The constant through all of them is the cooking down of vinegar and sugar until they infuse the meat and vegetables with their combined sweet but slightly sharp flavor.  With all these tantalizing options this recipe for SICILIAN BRAISED CHICKEN should be tucked in your apron pocket.


15 thoughts on “SICILIAN BRAISED CHICKEN … (Pollo Agrodolce)

  1. You have once again worked your magic in the kitchen! My goodness Chef you created a dish that this poor Tin Man has never even heard of! It looks so very marvelous and for all the complexity of flavours, does not seem that difficult to prepare. I love starting with the crispy chicken and then simmering slowly to let the wine and then the stock reduce to almost nothing and have the flavours intensify! Thank you for this gem.

    • Can’t you imagine a plump Sicilian Mama bustling around her kitchen – running out of this and substituting that Tin Man. Putting her Pollo Agrodolce out on big heavy earthen ware plates and pllacing them on a scrubbed wooden table. Truly peasant food – but what peasant food.XXOO

  2. Can you please come cook dinner for my family, Virginia? 🙂 This looks so good and I don’t mind cooking, but it’s not my passion. Baking is and I shouldn’t all the time. I just get in a rut of cooking the same things and need to take time to try new recipes. I did make your apple walnut cake and it was delicious, so thank you! Have a very happy Wednesday! xoxo

    • Lauren it would be my pleasure to cook for you. I love being in the kitchen. I think this love of food and preparing it meant that working seven days a week in our restaurants wasn’t work at all – it was a labour of love. XXOO

      • Owning a restaurant is my hubby’s dream, but we’re not in the position to bring it to fruition…I envy you, but not in a jealous way, just happy for you. I wish I had some of your passion, but I am trying this year! 🙂 Oh, and if we win the lottery, I’ll send you an invitation to our restaurant opening! 🙂

  3. Oh Virginia, everything you present is so fine! Today’s One dish Sicilian chicken is over the top for this relatively cool day in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Wish you and Larry were here to observe my colonial kitchen in action. With aging love…june

    • What is so rare as a day with June. Cooking in your colonial kitchen with be divine. Perhaps I would make again that seven different layered chocolate dome cake for you. XXOo Love Virginia

  4. This is a handy dandy recipe when entertaining for dinner. You might have to have a couple of pans going but one could finish the dish in the oven. My good friend Dellis is cooking it Saturday night for ten family members. This will be the first she has tried the recipe but she is a good cook and trusts it when I say “Put in this in your apron pocket”. Virginia

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