The chair discarded.

Cast out with stacks of boxes, old bicycles and plastic lawn furniture.

I couldn’t ignore it.

I brought it home and the conversation began.

How long am I to languish  here.

I want my life back again.

I want the morning paper and cafe au lait.

Afternoon tea and coffee cake.

I want a glass of Prosecco and conversation.

For three years the chair talked . . . and talked . . . and talked.

Stop.  Just stop.

You’re condition is so dreadful  I don’t know if I can give you back your life.

You must trust me.  Perhaps a tuck there.  A splash of paint.  A few tacks.

And so the story ends.

The chair has its life back.


(This tale inspired by THE TIN MAN)


    • I’m happy to. If I had known it would be that easy to do I wouldn’t have waited so long. The best part – I already had the paint and the fabric. The chair remodel cost me $l.79 for the tacks. No wonder I’m smiling dear girl. V.

      • I must say that to be put in league with you is a compliment beyond any other! That Coastal Crone can make me feel so humble and honored!! I love, love, love the chair’s story! Recently I had a chair that gave me an ultimatum of getting attention or it would set asylum elsewhere……..she now sits proudly in the parlor……beaming her good looks to everyone. Just like your beauty!

      • Oh the stories those chairs could tell, Tin Man. I know they move around and gossip at night. I’ve put my new beauty in the bay window. It will be a lovely chair to sit in and read in the early morning light. V.

    • Yes indeed. The chair has now taken pride of place in the living room – instead of ending up in the land fill. That is one smooth, fast talking chair.n. And, I am one happy person to have a good ending to this story. Virginia

    • I have a confession Ginny. There should have been TWO chairs. I picked up the first one three years ago. Then last year the same people put another chair out. Because I hadn’t dealt with chair number one I passed it by. BIG MISTAKE. I would have had a pair. V. XXOO

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