You are never going to forgive me for making these cookies and sharing the recipe.  Of all the cookies I have made I give  these MEXICAN CHOCOLATE COOKIES the highest rating.  The unusual combination of bittersweet chocolate  mellows the heat of black and red pepper and creates a cookie with a flavour that is out of this world.  The cookie is both crisp and chewy.   For a final ying and yang flavour your sprinkle a little Malden salt over the little darlings.  If the salt seems a little daring dust your cookies with a little powdered sugar.  Bet you can’t eat just one !!

Dear Mrs. Butterfingers,

You made it sound impossible to live without tasting a few from your Mexican Chocolate delights. That being the case, I feel it only fair that you consider filling your linen lined basket with these yin and yang specialties,  flying throughout the night, while stopping to enter  the  homes of others through open windows, key holes, balconies, or whatever suits for I am loathe to think of such a delivery occurring differently in our fantasy land.  Let it be your magical mystery tour.

I wonder what one leaves to treat the the cookie faerie…….  I expect you would be drawn to bits of french ephemera, exotic spices , rich fabrics and books of poetry. If I knew you were taking flight, samples of each could be  found in a basket that awaits return to you. Enter as you will but I shall be waiting, even if in the arms of Morpheus for I know the faerie often enters under the cover of night.

Your beloved hot chocolate Biscuit.



  1. I knew it , I just knew it! When reading How the Cookie Crumbles and you had these dearies in the oven, I just knew I would be looking into their eyes today! I LOVE the mixture of chocolate and chilies! The French infused such delights into the food of the Aztecs and we get to enjoy the fruits of their creations.

    • This is the cookie for the urban sophisticate. A noncon-forming cookie lover would stash these little darlings where The Flying Monkeys could not find them. They are dangerously habit forming. Perhaps Augustine might whip up a batch or two. XX V

  2. Oh my stars that cookie sounds delish. It reminds me of a cookie my Mother in law makes during the holidays….it’s called pepparkakor. I think they are Swedish…they have pepper in them and they are spicy sweet like molasses. I’ll have to try your version as well…since it has chocolate…and doesn’t chocolate make everything better??? LOL Lot’s of love from me….G Sorry I haven’t had time to make my comments….but I’m back now : )

    • I have been looking at your projects and I know exactly where you have been, Ginny. Working you little fingers to the bone. Warning about these Mexican chocolate cookies – they are addictive. I’ve rationed them so we don’t go crazy and over indulge. xxoo V

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