I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t love.

Cookies that are soft and chewy – I love them.

Cookies that are crisp and crunchy – I love them.

All cookie recipes provide clues to the final result.     I share the baking secrets with you in


Once you know how to get exactly the cookie your little heart desires get out the baking pans and start baking.



  1. Oh, how I love your leaning towers of cookies, Virginia. Scrumptious shot. Six?! Is this a new record? I’ve got my on the middle cookie (third from the top and fourth from the bottom). And now I’m hungry for a snack ! T. (I’ve also got “big” thing for cookies. Adorable, delectable and portable.)

    • Adorable indeed, delectable absolutely, portable of course. As I write my Adorable Theadora there’s Mexican Chocolate Cookies baking in the oven. Of course I bake cookies to nibble on them – quietly – over a good book (to catch any way word crumbs). But what I really love is the aroma that fills my home, and the pleasure that fills my heart. V.

  2. I’ve always been a baker, Virginia, and for the longest time, wanted to open up my own bakery…that desire is long gone, but I still enjoy it and everyone loves my sweets! I am a cookie monster; love them! Chocolate chip will always be my favorite, but my sister gave me a recipe for Toffee Bars that are out of this world, too! Happy Baking and now I’m hungry! Love and hugs!

  3. I have to say….my fav is soft and chewy. Maybe because I I always manage to spill stuff on me….chewy is less crumbs on my shirt lol. I love your recipes with raisins. I LOVE raisins. No one else in my house does : ( I even put them on salads….weird right???? Keep these recipes coming and I will be fat and happy forever : ) Cheers….G

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