I’m rather fond of bunnies.

They are charming.

They are whimsical.

They make me smile.

Living in the country bunnies are frequent visitors to my garden.  At first I constructed rabbit proof fences around my flowers.   Bunny-like hopping back and forth over them created a hazard for me.   My  daughter suggested “don’t fight them, invite them into your garden and enjoy them”.  So the chicken wire fences came down, and I found I had plants enough for myself and the resident bunnies.

Remembering the book The Adventures of Peter Rabbit I always keep camomile tea in the cupboard  just in case a rabbit comes by for tea.  It hasn’t happened yet, but one must always be prepared.

Every so often I experience the thrill of lifting a large leaf and discovering the tiniest of baby bunnies quivering beneath it.  I have yet to find Peter Rabbit’s blue velvet jacket with gold buttons.


Then we come to the most important rabbit in my life  –    OSWALD, GENTLEMAN RABBIT.    This most unusual rabbit leads a fascinating and adventurous life.


Oswald, his friend Edward Bun and various other rabbits are dear to my heart.   They lead unusual lives filled with adventure, good deeds and extraordinary social gatherings.


Pop down the rabbit hole ,and join these very fine rabbits on their journey through world above and below their burrows.   You’ll find Oswald  by clicking on CHRONICLES OF OSWALD, GENTLEMAN RABBIT – in the right hand column.



  1. I am in besotted with Oswald and everything about him–F&M treats, Laduree lemon tarts, leather bound books, velvet coats, pocket watches, tree-planting, burrow soirees. What a lovely world you’ve created! So hope you get this all more widely published. And I too love real bunnies–they are esteemed visitors in my garden every year and a few even live beneath my back porch during our harsh winters. Their delicacy and gentleness is like that of field mice. Ah, Beatrix….

    • Oh my paws and whiskers!! Oswald is thumping his rabbit feet with joy. He is over the moon that you adore him. You are a kindred soul. And as for the field mice. Living in the country these tiny creatures slip into our garage (and sometimes our house). We use a live mouse trap. The Good Husband even checks it when he gets up in the middle of the night. If there is a tiny fury creature in there he gets dressed and drives it down to the river and sets him free. He doesn’t want the little creatures to be stressed because they are caught in the trap. Virginia.

    • Even though they nibble away at my garden (and ate all the beet tops) I still adore the furry little bundles. I love it when I stand at the kitchen in the early morning. There on my patio a couple of tiny tiny bunnies investigate their new world. It’s better than television Resa. Virginia

    • How can we not love these bunnies Anita – even when they are devouring vegetables in my garden. Of course, my favorite bunnies are Oswald Gentleman Rabbit and his little friend Edward Bun. Virginia

    • Of course you would share my love of these furry little bits of delight. I can’t even begin to count the mornings I’ve stood at my kitchen window and watched them poking around the herb pots on my patio. They don’t nibble on the herbs – I think they just want to smell them. And when the baby rabbits – so small I could cup them in my hand – come on to the patio all’s right in my world. Virginia

    • That Oswald! He’s been haunting my dreams! If I turn quickly I see him just off to the edge of my vision. He has words tumbling out of his mouth and he’s wiggling his nose to get my attention. I am not writing enough stories to keep him happy. Oh my paws and whiskers!!

  2. Very Sweet ! We get them too. Little garden friends! I haven’t named mine….assuming they already have a name and could be quite offended being called something other than their Christian title. They get into our garden…but we have plenty to share with them and the deer. huggs G

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