This is the perfect dessert to serve with your Easter Dinner.  It’s quick and simple to make.  It requires just two bowls (no mixer required), and you can dress it up in any number of ways.  Serve it with your favorite ice cream or whipping cream, fresh fruit or your favorite home-made preserves.

You can make this delicious cake up to two days in advance; store at room temperature, tightly wrapped SUNSHINE LEMON BUTTERMILK CAKE is a lovely cake for young cooks to make (with adult supervision).



    • Oh yes – one slice is not good enough – you simply have to have two. The cake is tender and lemony and the edges are crisp and sugary. A perfect Easter cake. Virginia

    • The books by my bedside are an interesting mix. Two of them seem to be food related. THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PIE SOCIETY by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Burrows is set in World War Two – and the German occupation of Guernsey. It is such a delightful read I informed The Good Husband I wanted to move to Guernsey. The other book is a mystery set in the English country side during the 50’s. The Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley is equally charming and definitely not your typical mystery. I am also rereading THE BOOK OF SECRETS by M.G. Vassanji is a novel set in an Asian community in North Africa. Celi, my dear friend, what books are you cuddling up to at night?? Virginia

  1. I love a simple cake like this that can be dressed up or down and will try it this week. It looks just right on your beautiful plates! I will try your cinnamon coffee cake recipe also. Tin Man is right – you bring sunshine. May your Easter be full of renewal, hope and peace! Please thank Mrs. Butterfingers for the sharing her recipes.

    • In a perfect world there would be no “secret recipe”. In a perfect world I would have all my dear friends (like you and Tin Man and many many others) sitting around our kitchen table – sharing a glass of wine – and cooking the food we love. Being able to share on Mrs Butterfingers is the next best thing. The Good Husband and I thank you for your Easter Greeting and lovely words. Have a happy Easter. Virginia

    • Welcome to my kitchen Violet. Those plates are lovely. They are English – Dunblane Wood’s Burslem England. There is just two left from a set of 12..They were my Mother’s and the rest of the dishes were broken when someone stacked them on a tray and then put the tray to close to the edge of the table. Virgina

    • It is a delicious daffodil colour, isn’t it?? It helps that the eggs are truly from free range chickens. I just walk down our country road to the next farm (Home Farm). And the girls are clucking around enjoying life in the great outdoors. Virginia

    • The first loaf I made disappeared before my eyes – so yesterday I made another loaf. Lemon Buttermilk cake appears to be very very popular in this house. XXOO V

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