I was leafing through my favorite French magazine, CAMPAGNE DECORATION,   when I spotted a beautiful pillow with a summer photograph as part of the design.  Brilliant!!  What a wonderful way to capture a summer memory.  And how easy to copy.


All you need is a black and white photograph of a beach scene and a T-shirt transfer kit, and an ink-jet printer.  Scan your photograph into your computer,  and if  in colour use PhotoShop to change it into a black and white print (classier that way).   Enlarge the photograph as large possible.  Then follow the simple instructions on the T-Shirt transfer kit.  You can buy the kits  at office supply or craft stores.


One pillow looks perfect on my new favorite reading chair.  Two pillows (with different beach scenes) would look charming on a summer bed.


There is an interesting story behind this beach picture of falcon, myself and my two older siblings.   You can read about it on   EMMA LAKE SUMMERS  .  I promise you it has a happy ending, and a delicious recipe for lemon pancakes.


  1. Virginia, I love this idea! Pillows talk! What a lovely shot, of course. The white pillow plays nicely with the furniture and milk glass vase! I’m also in love with the chair. So regal! T. I’m no off to read the “Emma Lake Summers” story. (I spent my very first holiday vacation with my grandparents at Cape May. I was three years old. Now, I can almost hear the waves crashing and see the lady bugs crawling at the edge of the pool. . .)

    • To have memories like this Theadora – we are the fortunate ones. They were simple times – just endless days swimming and exploring. The nights can be very chilly that far north and we would sit around a big wood stove while our Mother read to us out loud. Glorious times. A hundred times better than going to Disney Land. V.

  2. Hi there! What brand of t-shirt transfer paper do you use? Not that it will be available in the US, but I’ve had poor luck using them to create pillows like this one (yours is lovely, and looks perfect with your new redone chair!) Please share your secret…I’m off to the Emma Lake Summers site now! Oh, and thanks for leading me (through your mad men in Paris post) to Theadora Brack’s blog. So fun and informative. that Mad Men evening was inspired!

    • Violet, my creative genius, I used Avery from Staples. I’ve only done black and white but it worked like a charm. If you type in Marie Antoinette Pillow opposite the search icon you can exactly how I did it. I am SO happy your from Theadora’s blog. She is fabulous. Definitely an old soul. V.

  3. Virginia, the pillow and the chair make such a great pair. But the photos and the Emma Lakes Summers story are priceless! Dealing with loss at this young age makes them (and your memories) even more special…

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