Saturday night in our home means pizza and a movie.    The heavenly aroma of baking pizza drifts through the kitchen.  We pour a robust glass of red wine and  put this absolutely outstanding pizza together.    We have probably made several thousand pizzas in our time.  (We owned the award winning  artisan Vancouver pizzeria PASSIONATE PIZZA).  Of all the pizzas we made VEGETARIAN EGGPLANT SWEET POTATO PIZZA is hands down our favorite creation.    The sweet potatoes add texture and sweet undertones, and the eggplant is so tender and delicious it melts in your mouth.



  1. All praise the culinary gods!!! This sounds divine!!! We shall conjur this up upon our return. We love eggplant and sweet potato …….. no wonder you won awards with Passionate Pizza! Oh to have known you then and languished about with my belly full of your marvelous creations!!

    • You and Augustine will love this pizza. We generally grill more eggplant and sweet potatoes than the pizza requires just so we can nibble them with our wine as we make pizza. Virginia

    • Indeed YUM. I have been thinking about how good the pizza was, and wondering if I can convince the Good Husband to make one before Saturday. I’ll tell him I’m just going to look at it – not eat it. OK perhaps just one slice. Hmm I don’t think he’ll buy that but one can always try. Virginia

  2. Friday night is often our pizza and a movie night. I have done pesto and potato but never SWEET potato. I wish I could have visited “Passionate Pizza!” Great name. Thanks for sharing this one – I shall try it.

  3. You would have loved it! We had rustic l8th century reproduction chairs (which we built). Fresh herbs grew in the big south-facing windows. It was an open kitchen – all white tiled – and the guys would chat with the patrons as they flipped, baked and cut pizzas. V.

  4. This certainly sounds like an interesting combination that I wouldn’t have put together. It looks delicious, and we’ll give it a try on our next Friday Pizza Night. Thanks. ~James

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