A red head woman

in Paris

types stunning words

that fills our heart with joy.

Adorned with pearls

and rings

she sashays out to celebrate.

The lights dim.

The candles are lit.

We sing.


21 thoughts on “THEADORA’S BIRTHDAY

  1. Dear Virginia, Where did you find this adorable postcard?! This is exactly how I see myself: bangs, cat, and typewriter!! Thank you for such a sweet birthday card! I’m very moved. Weepy, too. Fabulous Virginia, YOU light up our lives with your thoughtful words, brilliant images, scrumptious recipes-OH, sigh. You shine. We glow. Thank you. T. (YES. I have the exact typewriter, cat and tablecloth! How did you know?! Thanks for making my month, as always!)

    • We are all lucky to have Theodora swanning through our life with her swell comments and news about shopping and having a good time in Paris. I especially love it when she paints her toe-nails and calls them little stunners. V.

    • You are such a sweetie to say that. Bel’Occhio does mean “the beautiful eye” in Italian. I try to see beauty as much as possible. The dandelions came out in the ditches literally overnight. They were sunshine caught in the grass. Virginia

    • Theadora is such an old soul – and a delicious old soul at that!. She lights up my life when I read her blogs. Her comments reflect a marvelous sense of the ridiculous. Virginia

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