I’m like a mother with a child.

Watching each bloom appear.

I count the blossoms

Like a child’s first steps.


Then in the deepest, darkest night

the wind came.

Then rain.

They rattled and raged

at the windows.

My camellias

Oh my poor darlings.


Early morning.

I crept out in my polka dot pajamas.

Just one.

The wind took just one.

You’re growing.

I count your blossoms in my sleep.



    • The first daffodils are always thrilling. I love primroses. I have white ones planted each side of my garden Buddha. A few days ago the ditches suddenly became covered with dandelions. They were beautiful. Virginia

      • There’s a farmer’s market that usually has them on sale very, very early in the year. I always planned to plant them but usually didn’t get around to it. Last year I did and not only are they up now, they lasted a long time last fall. Very cheerful!


    • Celi this has been a banner year for magnolias. I have never seen them as lush and heavy. And the colours, oh the colours, everything from crisp, snow white to a pink so deep it is almost magenta. The first time I saw a magnolia tree I knew I wanted to live somewhere that a tree like grew. It took a while but 15 years later I moved to the coast and now I have my own Camellia bush. The magnolia tree is next on my list. XXOO V.

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    • Jasmine – another favorite. I don’t think they will grow outside here. Their perfume is divine. Just picked up a dozen books I had ordered in at our local library. I’m in book heaven. Guess how I’ll be spending my Sunday. Virginia

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