“To know what you prefer

instead of humbling saying amen

to what the world tells you

you ought to prefer,

is to have kept your soul alive.”

(Robert Louis Stevenson 1850 – 1994)



    • It is not always easy to march to your own drummer. But for the true individualist anything less would be soul destroying. Taking “the road less traveled” has its own rewards. As you have stated Tin Man true happiness is attained. XxOO V.

  1. What a wonderful quotation. To know what you prefer and to pursue that preference – sometimes these are difficult to know and do but life is so much more satisfying in the end. Thank you for reminding me of this today!

  2. Taking the time to know what you prefer and then to not care if anyone else prefers it or not, is something too many people never do. It’s not only their loss, but the world’s loss (as long as the preference is something that’s not bad, of course.)


    • Robert Louis Stevenson was a wonderful story teller. I have a sneaking suspicion reading his books (growing up) was reassuring to me that it was good to be different. Virginia

    • They forecast sun for us this week-end. Hurrah!! We have had another week of rain – steady rain day and night. Enough. I want to get back out into the garden. Have a great week-end Jo Nell. Virginia

    • I love that particular photograph. Then I have become so obsessed over my camellia that I simply can’t stop taking photographs of it. Our Mother read to us a great deal, and we especially loved the Robert Louis Stevenson stories. Virginia

  3. Can’t find the post for today (Sunday) about camping at Jasper Park Lodge. None of the links in the post go there and I don’t see it in the April archives. I enjoyed the post, though.


    • It was still a work in progress and heaven and WordPress knows how slipped into info mode. Perhaps in eagerness to have a wilderness adventure. Thanks Janet. Virginia

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