My maternal grandmother was born, lived and worked in London.


My Grandfather in the British Merchant Navy.

They met.

The fell in love.

They married.


A few years later,

with four children they boarded the Empress of Ireland.

Saying good-bye forever to all that was dear and familiar.


The year was 1911.

Left behind –  the cobblestone streets of London

Destination –  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.






Sixteen years later and a more casual  way of dressing  . . .

the camping trip to see the magnificent  Rocky Mountains begins


soigne in  Japanese kimono and slippers with little bows.



tea from a sturdy tin cup.


Uncle Lids

Aunt Ada

waiting for breakfast.


Family camping at Jasper Park Lodge.

The drive from Prince Albert to  Jasper Park Lodge 595 miles over dirt roads.

Top speed of their car 40 miles per hour.

Flat tires frequent.

Three days on the road.


Jasper Park Lodge 1927


A glorious reward for making the trek.

The magnificent Whistler Mountain.




    • Joan, I remember taking road trips in the very early 40’s. The roads were just dirt – very little gravel. If it rained you would be just driving in two ruts and it was a maneuver when you met an on coming car. There were very few. Also, if a car had a break down or a flat tire someone ALWAYS stopped to assist the hapless motorist. Virgiia

  1. Was your mother the photographer?, what an excellent collection of images, even the postcard. My dad had a tin cup like that too. This was great, i loved the sulky looking children your uncle and aunt. Adorable. c

  2. What a beautiful post and family, too, Virginia! Lovely expressions. Gorgeous clothes. Of course, I love your grandmother’s kimono and slippers with little bows! I think your Aunt Ada is also wearing one? Your post reminds me of mini-film. 1927. The Jasper Park Lodge! Gorgeous break. Thank you! T. (My grandmother kept a tin cup by her kitchen sink. Great-tasting water, always!)

    • You called it dead on T. When I write my blogs I visualize as I write.The result of all those years of writing and producing in television. Where did you Grandmother live T? XX V.

      • Baltimore! T. (I keep scrolling up and down the post, again. I just spotted the doggie! I always enjoy your posts, Virginia. You mesh words with images like no other. Seamless!)

      • There’s a couple of stories about that beautiful whippet T. My grandfather raised gray hounds and whippets and was rather involved in the British racing and betting scene. Eventually that got him into financial trouble and the reason why they emigrated from London.
        Why back when I fell in love with a whippet and called her Chrissie. My extremely elderly Grandmother then told me that was the name of my grandfather’s favorite whippet Chrissie-Min. I wasn’t aware of that – or perhaps as a child my grandfather told me, and it remained in my memory bank. I have a beautiful picture of me with my beloved Chrissie. Perhaps I will turn it into a blog. V.

  3. What wonderful pictures 🙂 And you are blessed they passed along their story with them. I have no pictures of my grand parents and very few stories. You are richly blessed 🙂

    • When one looks at these old photographs it really brings home to you that this is all part of me. My grandfather was a good story teller and he did love to hold court. When he was living in Britain he was a long distance runner – and won a cup. Interestingly he ran in heavy boots. Virginia

  4. I, who have never camped in my life, think this all looks enchanting! The silk kimonos are such a luxurious touch. Obviously, a love of nature is in your gene pool! Thanks for sharing a wonderful story. Gayle

    • Gayle it definitely is in our genes. Growing up we did a lot of car camping. We loved it. So much so that sometimes during the summer our Dad would put up the camping tent in the back yard. Move our beds out to it, and we would sleep out there during the marvelous warm summer nights. Virginia

    • Old photos are fascinating – even when you don’t know the people. I discovered the photo in some papers of Mother’s only a short while ago. It was good that the names, places and date were on the back, Wendy. I look forward on having you with me in my journey. Virginia

    • There wasn’t any Disney World or places like that when I was growing up. But I still vividly remember the smell of the tent when the sun shone on it. And of course making sure the tent flaps were tightly secured against mosquitoes. Never the less, there was always one of two that would buzz our heads through the night. V.

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