A flock of witty French pigeons discuss the menu.

Olive Tapanade  for an appetizer

plump green and dark olives

fragrant rosemary, sage and thyme.

Something robust,



pork roasted crusty brown with fennel and garlic.


The pure alchemy of crème brûlée’

To amuse

witty pigeon place cards.



Place cards for fun.

To amuse especially  the youngest guest at dinner.

I down-loaded this charming idea from countryliving.com/pigeoncards.  Printed them on coloured cardstock to compliment my French plates.


I thought these birds are so sweet I’ll trace them onto patterned cardstock (found at a craft store) to match these plates.



For an all white theme I traced the sweet birds onto pages from an old book then distressed the edges a little.


How easy is this.  Your pattern and a bone folder (or soup spoon) and one can create their own flock of pigeon place cards.

(You’ll find the recipes for Olive Tapanade and créme brûlée  on my food blog Mrs.Butterfingers.Simply click on the recipe names.    The porchetta recipe – that is yet to be posted.)



  1. What a charming idea!! You are so very creative and put your ideas into action, creating the most wonderous things, French baths, divine chairs, pillows, greeting cards (one of which I am the proud owner) and on and on……..then you make us swoon with you culinary creations. You, my dearest, are quite simply amazing!

    • These paper pigeons make me smile, Tin Man. When friends come into our home I want to take them to another world. A place of delight and joy. I am mad for birds. Our sofa was covered with most exotic deep yellow print adorned with exotic birds and flowers. Worn and faded I reluctantly made a white slipcover for it. But I know there are my birds just underneath. V.

    • Discovering the sweet pigeon place cards on Country Living magazine was a stroke of luck. Then I thought of all the wonderful things I could do with the birds. Hmmmm Hang them from a chandelier. That would be fun Jo Nell. V.

    • There is something endearing about these pouty pigeons. I keep thinking of new places to put them – and new ways to use them. Perhaps a mobile – something to hang by a window with the sky as a beautiful background. V.

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