Early, early morning.

I’ve taken my coffee to the front patio.

The sun is just coming up behind hazy blue mountains.

I close my eyes and revel in the perfumed morning.

“Buongiorno.  Buongiorno.  You have a post card from Italy.”

The postie  is parked at the mailbox.  She is holding a card and waving it excitedly.

I walk to the box.  “I didn’t know you spoke Italian , Gina”

“Only a little.  My Mother – she was born in Italy.  Your card is from Grosseto in Tuscany.  My Mother’s village  is very close.”

These days ones mailbox is generally empty.    E-mails and texting have changed the way we communicate.  Even birthday cards arrive by E-Mail.


Today to my delight another  postcard from Tin Man and Augustine has arrived.  They are having a wonderful adventure – two months in Europe.


Post cards with stories of exotic food and glorious sights.  I ‘m following Tin Man and Augustine’s adventures  and marking their stops along the way.



Valencia and a visit to the Chapel of the Holy Grail.





Lisbon and beautiful fresh seafood.



Yesterday they said good-bye to Malta.



Today they are in Sicily where ocean breezes are  perfumed with wild herbs.



I’ve pinned up a large map of Europe .  As the communiques from Tin Man arrive I mark the map.   I’m following them with my heart.  Every day a fresh flower for Buddha and wishes for safe journey.




  1. My dearest Virginia!!! How very sweet of you!!! I am so very happy you have enjoyed the cards. What a charming story about the delivery of the card from Grosseto! We are moving and grooving. Sicily is s you described, the breeze filled with fragrance! Oh, and volcanic ash, as Mount Etna is belching forth quite a bit. We have thus far visited Messina, Palermo, Trapai,Catania, Pozzallo and Marsala. Off to the Greek Ruins tomorrow. Was here last year on business and had to bring Augustine to see the sights……here are last year’s posts:

    Just in case you were missing posts from me!!!

    Augustine was so very impressed by your kind words and exclaimed: ” We must run off and visit Virginia!!”

    Thank the Good Budda for us, as our travels have been filled with luck and the most kind strangers who have helped us along the way.

    I think there is magic in those camellias of yours! We so appreciate your good wishes.

    Much Love to you and The Good Husband!
    Augustine and The Tin Man

    • Tin Man,the names of Sicily’s towns and cities, roll off your tongue like magic incantations. I pour over my maps and follow your journey, and I am back tracking to last year as well. I love that we have a postie who can’t help reading your postcards, and was excited as I. Augustine – the person who completes me, better know as the Good Husband,or Lar, has suggested it would be blast if we ran off and visited Texas and the Emerald City. We are all of us like minded. Fresh camellias on Buddha every morning with wishes for a safe journey for our travelers. XXOO to your both. V.

      • Re-reading this put such a smile on my face, I have now seen the marvelous Buddha who has protected us with your magical camellias on our journeys….I have looked into the eyes of my wonderful friend, whose words I have been dancing with for years. I have met the Good a Husband, whose love for the beautiful Virginia is palpable…….yes, I know these things now and I am better for it.

        XXXOOO your Tinny

      • We have been on the same page Mr. Tin Man. I went back and read “about”, and the words took on a new understanding. Three minutes and you were a winner. XXXOOO Virginia

  2. How wonderful to get cards from The Tin Man and track his travels! Don’t you know he is having a great time and will write of his adventures. I love getting cards in the mail too and need to send more. Thank you for sharing! May they return safely!

  3. I love this post. I also love the Tin Man and Augustine! Postcards with handwriting and ink and stamps and wrinkles are such a treat. Your shots and globe-trekking lady bug pins are so pretty. Have you received any more cards? Fingers and toes are crossed. T.

    • what’s not to love about our two intrepid adventurers. And, getting mail is the icing on my cake. The stamps are so beautiful, the handwritten notes telling of wondrous food, thrilling adventure and the kindness of strangers captures ones imagination. My big atlas has never been studied so carefully, Theadora. I am tucking the postcards around the edges of a large framed map of Paris. Paris, my favorite city. Paris, where the equally adventurous Theadora resides. V.

  4. Your delightful post has inspired me to restock my stamp supply and use up some of the stationary I’ve collected over the years. I know that I love real mail.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • The recipient of your mail will be very happy Wendy. We cannot allow letter writing to become a lost art. Nowadays we have access to beautiful and unusual cards, and wonderfully elegant writing paper. Virginia

    • All our mail boxes should be filled with such personal surprises. Good reason to send a real letter, with stamps, to someone you love. Hmmm. that reminds me – I have a home-made card to post to some one I love. Virginia

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