Every morning I go to my friend Celi’s blog, THE KITCHENS GARDEN.  A daily  vignette of life on THE FARMY.  A sterling cast of characters play out their daily life;  Daisy the cow with the beautiful eyes, Sheila and Charlotte, pedigreed pigs with beautiful manners, the flamboyant peacock Duke of Kupa and various supporting casts.

Today Celi asked to see “the view from our backdoor”.  I look west over lawn, garden and fields.  Frequently the horizon fills with the largeness of ocean- going freighters traveling the Fraser River.  This mighty river is a short walk down our country road.

The tilled field will be sown with feed corn today.  We live on a dairy farm and the barn you see holds a 250 head of dry stock.   The milking parlor and the rest of the farm buildings are just down the road on Home Farm.  Home Farm is where I get my lovely fresh eggs, and the occasional jug of milk.

We are not farmers, but we of  The Farm.


19 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM MY BACK DOOR

  1. A gorgeous ever changing view. To be able to see cows and ocean-going freighters on the river. What a contrast. Thanks for sharing the lovely view – can imagine you standing there enjoying it all: sights, smells, and peace ( sometimes at least!)

    • The view is every changing Karen. We move our gaze slightly to the left and the horizon fills with mountains. The weather conditions are always changing over the mountains so always something to watch. There is only about 2 hours when are road gets a little busy. Homeward bound cars use it as a short cut. Other than that it is sound of farm tractors and the neighing of horses from a near by stable. Oh yes, there’s a lot of music from the birds. We love it. V.

  2. So nice to see Granny’s big flowery bush there…..that plant was moved many times before we found the right place. That came from the home farm.
    Hope all is well my far away friend.
    Love Donna Hall

    • As you can see Donna Hall the rhododendron is a blooming success. Behind it is the vegetable garden. Today Lar is going to put up a rabbit proof fence around the garden. The darling bunnies think the garden is a free lunch buffet. XXOO Virginia

  3. Virginia! You have shared your lovely front garden and I feel that there are times when I am sitting with you enjoying a cup of tea there…..How beautiful your back view is! Having grown up on a farm….it warms my heart to see the land providing for us. How wonderful….thank you so much for sharing. Peaceful and Beautiful.

    • We do find all this simply glorious Tin Man. Today our neighbors have been seeding. In a few months the corn will be so high we will no longer see the enormous freights going up and down the Fraser River. It is indeed peaceful and beautiful XXOO Sister Virginia.

  4. Despite the cow perfume, Virginia, this is really lovely and a dream of ours and to get fresh eggs and milk, I’m a little “green” like your photo. But, I’m very happy you have this gorgeous view! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

    • You Sweetie Pie Lauren. It is wonderful when others understand the joy of leaving the city behind, for a quiet life. Rather like that old tv series “Green Acres”. Husband Lar and I spent the day completely fencing in the vegetable garden to keep the rabbits out. We were up at 5:30 this morning watching several bewildered rabbits looking for their salad bar. THE FENCE WORKED!! I adore the little darlings but I plant the lettuce for me. You and your family have a grand weekend. XX V.

      • Like I said, Virginia, you paint a scene that is only a picture for us right now…maybe it always be and that’s okay, but it’s such a serene and lovely one. I’m not jealous, just a little envious! 🙂 We live in a very beautiful place, but the homes are close together and we like our privacy; would love to have more land, etc. But, we’re happy for what we have, too. I think I’m rambling! Heehee! Hugs!

    • Your ears must be burning Resa. We were talking about Toronto and an up coming wedding in October, and of course your name came up. We love the part of West Queen West you live in. It’s wonderful for just walking around and popping into the different stores, then ending up having an espresso at Clafoutis and checking out the book store. XX Virginia.

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