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“And what is so rare as a day in June?



Then, if ever, come perfect days;



Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,



Whether we look, or whether we listen,



We hear life murmur, or see it glisten.


James Russel Lowell  (1819-1891) was an American romantic poet, critic, editor and diplomat.



  1. Beautiful, both words and pictures, and ironic because I have a post with words (although my own) in a haiku and a picture of one of our poppies. Great minds, I guess. 🙂

    Have a lovely Sunday,


    • Janet, we share a lovely of all things beautiful. Beautiful words – beautiful flowers. This bed of brilliant oriental poppies takes my breath away. Virginia

      • Poppies are stunning but not long-lived, especially when the rains come. Fortunately, there are quite a few flowers per plant (I have two plants.) Soon I’m going to have a post with the poppies in their various stages of life. 🙂


  2. You have the exact same poppies as me! Now why am I not surprised. i love watching the bees in them, crushing the stamens as they stumble drunkenly about! lovely lovely post!

    • I just smile when I read your words Celi. We do so love and adore similar things. When I was taking these photographs the bees were going crazy. Every poppy was being inundated with the lovely bummbly bees. XX V.

  3. How very lovely! The poppies reminded me of the Italian countryside. It is rare for poppies to grow here……….but I keep trying! What are those gorgeous flowers that look like bells? Oh for the joy, I would sit and listen to the bees at work for hours and hours!

    • I do adore poppies, Tin Man. When we lived in Amsterdam small red poppies grew wild everywhere. I collected the seeds but had no success growing there here. The tall flowers are foxglove – very English. They are not indigenous to this area however you often see ditches and hill sides covered with volunteers. It always takes my breath away with their stately beauty. XX V.

      • Foxglove!!! For the Love!!! My Mother grew those……….I remember now! They are what digitalis is made of………a cardiac medicine! My Mother was an herbalist and told me to be very careful with the plant as they would make a very light tea for people with a wet cough and swelling of the ankles. Digitalis makes the heart muscle beat stronger…………WOW…… connected me with my past once again!

      • You have an interesting past Tin Man. Little snippets come out – here and there. Fifteen years old before you stepped in to a grocery store!! A mother who was a herbalist. This sophisticated world traveling urbanite has a million stories hidden in the depths of the Emerald City. XXO V.

  4. Punch. Drunk. Hello, Bee-vision!! Tipsy is how is how I now feel. Your photographs are so beautiful, Virginia. Fantastic. I’d love to create a bonnet out of poppies. The perfect summertime accessory. I’d wear it with black lounge wear. Thanks for the break!! T.

    • …with tottering high black silk wedges – one dangling off your stunner toes, Theadora. Red poppies are glorious and this year my front garden is staggeringly beautiful. Like the bees I am drunk with the sight of them. V.

    • After years of living in Vancouver, we are so happy to be fortunate enough to live in the country. We like the space and the quiet, and the closeness to nature. I hope you are continuing to recuperate Jo Nell. XX Virginia

    • I became enamored with poppies when I was extremely young. So young that I didn’t know you shouldn’t pick other people’s flowers. Now I make sure I have flowers in abundance – especially poppies. XX V.

    • June was always such a spectacular month when I was growing up. I lived in the Northern half of the province and the hours of day light in the town were incredible. just as little farther north where we spend our summers by a lake it would be daylight until ll p.m. Everything smelled fresh and clean and it wasn’t too hot. June is indeed a rare month. XX Virginia

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