This adoration of fine art.

It fills one soul.

Captures ones imagination.

And, takes your soaring through the centuries.


A dusty old used bookstore on Queen Street in Toronto.

Treasures are always waiting to be discovered in stores like this.

The bookstore is  “picking up sticks” and moving .  EVERYTHING is on sale.

Books soaring to the ceiling.

Piled in pyramids on the floor.

The discovery!!  A stack of portfolios containing copies of old masterpieces.

I shuffle through them.  Painting after painting.  Masterpieces I had admired in art galleries in cities around the world.    The pile – a bit tattered around edges  – one dollar.

I knew exactly what I can do with this paper treasure.


Take one unpainted canvas in a dimensions closest to the size painting.


Give the canvas a coat of black acrylic craft paint.


Now paint over the black with dark brown paint and then gently rub some away.  The trick here is to try to match the background of the painting.


Cover the canvas liberally with Modpodge .  I have put a large book under the canvas to act as support to the canvas.    Centre your painting on the canvas.  Press firmly down on all parts of the paper.    A brad(a type of roller used for wall paper seams) is perfect for this.    (This is why you need support under the canvas).  Give the painting two coats of ModPodge using a criss-cross motion that leaves brush like strokes.  It adds to the authentic look of your work.


The unfinished canvas  will look  like you’ve discovered your little bit of joy laying neglected in an attic.  The simplicity so much more elegant that an elaborate gold frame.  How brilliant is this!!


9 thoughts on “RENAISSANCE PAINTINGS – yours to create

    • I found these various sized canvases at a dollar store, and they were really inexpensive. I had been looking at them at Michael;s Craft Store and they were expensive. Probably not the best canvases in the world – but perfect for my needs. V.

      • You can always stretch your own if you are able to cut wood for the framing. Dollar stores are always a treasure hunt – but now here you have to watch prices even there. Those “masterpieces” look really nice

      • That would definitely be the ticket if I had a hard to fit picture. I lucked out with these canvases $2 each at a Dollarama Store. Dollarama is a company out of the Quebec. They have all their merchandise especially made for them. They are truly are a dollar store – or perhaps occasionally a dollar or two more. Lots of fun going into a place that has good quality stuff you didn’t know you needed. Virginia

    • Well, I do have fun. The print of the child was on the cover of the portfolio. It is what stopped me in my tracks. The face, the beautiful painted face – I had to have it. The rest of the pictures were a bonus. So I bundled them into my valise, and brought them back to the Coast. Then I had to figure out some non-pretentious way to make it part of my life. XXOo V.

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