The year’s at the spring,

And day’s at the morn;

Morning’s at seven;

The hill-side’s dew-pearled;   

The lark’s on the wing; 

The snail’s on the thorn;

God’s in His heaven –  

All’s right with the world.


 Poetry  by Robert Browning.    (1812-1889).  Flowers by Amy.

We don’t have a door bell.  Instead a big bell hangs gracefully beside the front door.  Visitors love pulling on the leather strap.  They ring the bell vigorously.  Announcing their arrival.   Some ring several times then wait, then ring again simply for the sheer delight of being able to make a joyful sound.  My friend Amy has her own ring.  She rings until I open the door.  The bouquet of roses enter and behind the magnificent flowers – Amy.






14 thoughts on “ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD

    • When our doorbell packed it in I found this wonderful bell. I thought it was appropriate – living on the farm and all. I love how everyone loves to ring it and ring it vigorously. Lovely thought about your Grandpa Janet. Cheers Virginia

  1. Virginia, Virginia, Virginia……….the list goes on……..we do not have a doorbell, we have a large brass bell cast in the year 2000 when we bought this home. It is used to announce visitors, call for dinner and just plain rejoice! Thanks for the words of Browning……..always the refreshing voice! XXXOOO

    • I just smiled and smiled and smiled. Of course – you would have a bell. I love that it was cast in the year you bought your home. Sometimes when I am working in the front garden I go and ring the bell for the sheer joy of it. If you google map our address you’ll see me heading around the the side of our house. Jut happened to be outside when the Google Mobile drove past. XXOO V. Just went to Google map – and my goodness that is a more recent shot. In the south paddock you’ll see Summer, the beautiful thoroughbred who lives next door. But you wont see me!! V.

  2. Robert Browning is totally awesome! You know, this does sound like you.
    You are a poet of sorts. You show us beautiful and lovely things that have meaning. You are you, and you are very beautiful!
    Cheers to my lovely friend who I hope I will see at Clafoutis in a few months. _Resa

    • I’m a hopeless romantic. And Browning is such a romantic poet. I thought photographing these beautiful roses would capture their beauty for me to enjoy long after the blooms have faded. V.

    • Tricia I have always thought most doorbells were so intrusive. When ours finally gave up the ghost I found a wonderful old bell in an antique shop and hung it by the door. It was lacking a pull so my husband braided leather strips and made the pull long enough so that visiting children could reach it. They do so love giving that bell a good ring. And I love the sound of it. XX Virginia

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