19 thoughts on “HAPPY HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!

    • I think we had a lot more fun. No planned “play days”. We would make ourselves a peanut butter sandwich and fill a jam jar with water. Grab our bikes and be gone for the day. Of course it helped that we lived on the outskirts of a small town. A few short blocks away and we were in “the wild world” = ready for adventure. V.

    • I remember this particular parade rather vividly. I decorated my bike with crepe paper to ride in the parade. I had just learned to ride a back but no one thought to tell me about brakes. Down a hill I went and into a tree and knocked myself out. I never made it to the parade. V>

    • Oh yes .. hockey. When we were kids we would play hockey on an outdoor rink across the street from our house. It would be so cold the ice would actually crack so every few minutes back to the warm=up shack and the pot belly stove. Our frozen mitts would be steaming. We loved it. V.

    • My Mother was a very clever and creative woman. She would sew up wonderful crepe paper costumes for me. Once I wanted a red white and blue costume like one the figure skater Sonja Henie wore. She whipped one up but I still couldn’t skate like a champion. V.

      • I’ve never seen that crepe paper these days. It was very heavy and very crepepy if there can be such a word. You could pleat it, sew it, wear it, but never never could it be rained on. V.

    • I still have an affinity for bikes my darling Tin Man! I have an old bicycle I painted white. It sits outside my bedroom window. I’ve hung a large wicker basket from the handle and the seat has been slip-covered in a dashing vintage chintz. Sometimes in the quiet of the night I hear the wheels whisper as it speeds around the circular drive-way and up, up, up into the sky.

    • We spent Canada day celebrating a close friend’s daughter’s first birthday. Actually she will become one year old next week in Paris. So the bunting was blue, white and red. The invites were in French and English. The gift bags for the adults guests contained a very long baguette and brie. In true French style we wiled away the afternoon in a beautiful park and ate, and ate, and ate, XX Virginia

  1. Happy Belated Canada Day, Virginia! Crepe paper? Crepe paper?! Both you and the dress are beauties. I love the photograph, along with the ruffles on the dress. And a Sonja Henie skating outfit? Do you have a photograph? I’d love to see it. Did she line the dresses with a fabric? Did she use thread and needle or some sort of tape? I’ve used felt but never crepe paper. Maybe it’s high time!! T. (I still wear pigtails!!)

    • Theadora I do have a picture in my Sonja Henie inspired outfit. Those days crepe paper was a different heavier quality. The dress was made on a Singer sewing machine – even to the ruffles. I don’t remember being able to wear it more than once – but I do remember accidentally splashing water on it and the red and blue crepe paper dye ran into the white. I personally felt it looked quite nice. T. I would love to see you in pig-tails. XX V.

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