Somewhere over the rainbow

way up high.

There’s a land that I heard of

once in a lullaby.

The Tin Man 1

In the Emerald City

a man with an enormous heart

celebrates a special day.


I’m donning  my ruby slippers

clicking my heels three times

and flying off to join the over the rainbow birthday party.

A most magnificent special birthday Tin Man.



  1. Oh Virginia………how very, very, very, lovely!!!! You are such a jewel!! You put a smile so big on my face that my rusty jaws squeaked!! I have dispatched the flying monkeys to meet you and clear the runway as you arrive. The munchkins are running amuck, hither and yonder, preparing for your arrival! I have not seen such revelry in the Emerald City since the demise of the Wicked Witch………….The bells are ringing and my heart his filled with joy and happiness. Thank You so much for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh Virginia, the festivities were wonderful!!! The house and grounds were filled with friends I have not seen in 20 to 30 years! The food was raved about and consumed with delight! We had such a wonderful time, and continued the conversation until 4 AM!! What a perfect evening, what a wonderful time. We toasted you as I told the guests of the Magical Virginia from the North! Thank you and Lar for helping make my day so very, very special!!

      • T.M. we have been waiting for the post-mortem of THE PARTY. It sounded brilliant. I love that it continued into July 14th! You and Augustine are now part of our life. /jV.

  2. Bon Anniversaire, Monsieur Tin Man!! What a wonderful nod, Virginia. I love it. I love it. I love. I say as I click my heels together. How lucky I am to have you and “Tinny” in my life. The wonderful world of WordPress is a big world. Why, it’s a small world. And with the two of you, it ALWAYS feels like home. Big hugs, T.

    • Oh, Theadora, mine……..thank you so much for joining this enchanting party! What a wonderful day with the two of you in it. I must say, it was rather difficult to get this party together after our last episode of motoring through the countryside of France with Wally! My head is still spinning from the bubbly and I keep finding lavender blossoms in every nook and cranny!

      • T.M. that’s why your birthday card had a sweet cherub driving a car filled with lavender blossoms. We won’t ever let you forget Provence and our magnificent if rather unusual parade. Xx V

    • Pig Tail wearing Theadora. As long as you can remember to click your heels together “there’s no place like home”. We will all need a spa day tomorrow to recover from the frivolities of the Emerald City birthday bash for T.M. XX V

    • Jo Nell, I know other people find it really important – how many people they have following their blog and so on. For me, it is the rare and wonderful experience of receiving wonderful little notes and stories from those I now call friends. I have never met any of you, but you all have become part of my life. Tin Man’s delightful whimsy and flights of fancy make my day. He and Augustine are jewels indeed. XX V.

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