In the garden the air is heavy with the scent of garlic;


garlic and the earthy aroma of  the freshly turned soil;


garlic mingles with the fragrance of basil and oregano brushed against as we  dig  treasure from the ground.


The deep heady smell of garlic surrounds us.


Garlic to add  to salads;


garlic to burnish the flavour of a fat chicken;


magnificent whole cloves of garlic  roasted creamy and thick;


A little red wagon load of Russian Red Garlic to take us through the long winter months.

Here are some  wonderful things you will want to do with roasted garlic  TEN THINGS TO DO WITH ROASTED GARLIC.

19 thoughts on “THE GARLIC HARVEST

    • I could of added – the sounds when we are in the garden. There’s Summer ( a thorough bred horse) who hangs her beautiful head over the fence and sends us coaxing whinnies for fresh carrots. Over in the cow barn there’s much gossiping amongst all the girls. You know what it is when a group of females get together. Far off in one of the back fields I can hear the drone of a tractor. By the smell they are taking off another cut of hay. Any wonder we love where we live. XX Virginia

    • It really helps Gayle living on a farm. Late fall and early spring it is loaded with manure and it works magic. My gardening guru friend Dellis grows several types of garlic and has introduced me these varieties. It is so superior to anything you can buy in a supermarket. Fortunately all these wonderful garlics are available now at farmer’s markets. Thank you for the gardening compliment. I’ll tell The Good Husband, Lar. He keeps is totally week-free. XX Virginia

  1. The Tin Man knows you enjoy his weaving of Roman history into your posts so here it is: Roman soldiers ate garlic to inspire them and give them courage. Because the Roman generals believed that garlic gave their armies courage, they planted fields of garlic in the countries they conquered, believing that courage was transferred to the battlefield.

    I have much envy looking at your harvest and so wish I could have been there to enjoy the marvelous smells as the wafted through the air! I love to bake garlic and squeeze the delicious sweet paste onto some crusty bread! You bring joy and zest into our lives! I leave filled with courage for any battle……..I shall ring up the Lion and tell him how to maintain his courage…….that I shall!!!

    • There is hay everywhere. The Scarecrow has been flapping his arms. He feels no matter his “summa maxima cum laude” the Tin Man has once again showed his brilliance along with his enormous heart. Meanwhile we could fight off armies in our garage. Lar has tied and hung the garlic and the garage is strong with the perfume of garlic. I LOVE IT. XX V.

  2. Ahhh, I wish I had some of that garlic. There’s good garlic for sale at our farmer’s market but it’s not inexpensive. I have some hanging in the back hall, but some day I hope to grow some of my own.


    • If you have a garden – or even a little space – garlic is the easiest thing in the garden to grow. This is just my second year. Growing garlic is not labour intensive. All you do is in September you put the cloves into the ground and then ll months later you have enormous garlic bulbs Easier than carrots or beets because you don’t have to thin them out. V.

  3. Oh, I looked at your garden with envy! How wonderful for you to have such fresh things. I only have herbs in pots but do love the fragrance. Thanks for sharing your outdoor world. Maybe I will try garlic as I seem to put it in everything. Yours is beautiful.

    • It is so easy peasy to grow Jo Nell. You just stick the cloves in the ground and l0 months or so later you are rewarded with a big fat garlic bulb. I don’t think I have every been so thrilled with a vegetable garden as when I dug up my first fat head of garlic. XX Have a fab week-end Virginia

    • My dear girl you should smell what is wafting out of our garage today. It is a garlic factory with all that goes with it. Our crop last year was not nearly as large, but one wont complain. We do so love our garlic. V.

      • A garage filled with garlic drying is a wonderful embarrassment of riches. I think of all the wonderful food I will use the garlic in, and am so happy I will have this lovely organic garlic tucked away in the pantry. V.

  4. Hey Virginia. A friend of ours in England introduced us to roasted garlic, and yum yum. The only problem is that I have to have it on a day when I don’t plan being around many people. 🙂 ~James

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