Leave your garden for a week and you return to a garden spilling over with the bounty of summer.  Grab a basket and capture the taste of summer.

Fill your basket with basil.

Grab some garlic.

Put on the soaring music of Summer from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Now whip up a few jars of Basil Pesto, or in this recipe Pistou – basil pesto without the nuts.  The word pistou comes from the Latin word pestare, which means “to crush”.  Click on PISTOU and you’ll have this French version of basil pesto.

15 thoughts on “BOLD BEAUTIFUL BASIL

    • That makes two of us Lauren. I have just returned from Northern Saskatchewan visiting my two sisters in our home town. It has been 14 years since I have had a long visit there. It was good for the three sisters to be together. XX V.

  1. My basil is also growing like crazy, even though it has been so cool this summer. i shall click – and find the french pesto, sounds good. have a lovely day darling girl! c

    • I have taken a page from your marvelous book Celi. I am doing my preserving and jam making in small bites. Pickled beets are on the agenda next! I continue the morning custom and read your blog out loud to Lar, The Good Husband. He thinks Baby Blue is extremely clever with his method of harvesting corn and apples. XX V.

  2. I will have to try this French version without the pine nuts. My basil grows in pots but by August the heat starts to get to them. I love the fragrance and seem to add it to almost anything – fresh or cooked. When it is abundant in spring and early summer I make pesto and freeze it for the winter months when I don’t have fresh basil. Ah, a basket full of basil…lucky you! I can smell it when I look at your photo.

    • For years I also grew basil in pots. Then the vegetable garden was created. This is the first year I put plants into the earth. I couldn’t believe how lush and luxurious they grew. They have become an embarrassment of riches. Virginia

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