I am noisy when I food shop.  I look in other people’s carts.  I like to see what people are buying.  Lately I’ve noticed all kinds of flavoured popcorn going into shopping carts.   They’re filled with additive and other chemicals.   If you are going to indulge make your own caramel popcorn.  You’ll know exactly what you are eating.

Years ago I made caramel corn occasionally as a treat for my children.  This easy recipe  has the addition of healthy  almonds.     A warning!! This sweet and salty caramel corn is highly addictive.  Click on SWEET AND SALTY CARAMEL NUT CORN  for the recipe.



  1. Caramel popcorn is one of Husband’s favorites and I usually buy some for him around Christmas. I will have to try this one – looks easy – and he loves almonds too. I like that it will keep at least until you start eating it. Thanks, Virginia!

    • Your husband is going to genuflect in front of you Jo Nell, when you present him with this addictive wickedly wonderful caramel popcorn. Start popping girl !! Virginia

    • My darling girl this is fabulous. It makes the commercial products pale in comparison. And it is always the bright star at a family gathering. Everyone loves homemade caramel corn

  2. My darling Virginia…..I shared your recipe via Mrs. Butterfingers, and have been getting so many people talking to me about this! I want to make some!!! I hate the store bought, chemical filled products and I just can imagine the beautiful caramel and almonds ……….oh swoon!!! Salt and Caramel were made for each other!

    • Tinny, Lar has instructed me to tell you that we polished the caramel popcorn off in short order. And further more WE ARE NOT TO MAKE AGAIN!! It was too good. However, I came up with the perfect solution. I mix the caramel corn in with plain old simple popcorn. ANYTHING, to be able to nibble at this additively wicked treat. Now make some and share with Augustine. XX OO V

    • Caramel corn is taking a popcorn to a new height. Larme/ Luxe one might say. Pop corn is a favorite snack in our house. When you pop it yourself it doesn’t have any additives. It’s inexpensive. It’s fresh. And, if you limit the butter it is low in calories. I cannot say caramel corn is low in calories, but sometimes you just have to indulge yourself. Hey … what is life all about. Virginia

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