Every day I go out to the vegetable garden and pick armfuls of kale.  I feel a little like The Sorceress’s Apprentice.  The more I cut and cut and cut it continues to grow and grow and grow.  They have become an embarrassment of riches.   The payoff from this leafy green is loads of vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and antioxidants. Kale is extremely versatile.   You can steam it, saute it, add it to a salad or casserole, make kale chips and even add it to smoothies.  This recipe for curried kale with coconut is the perfect side to serve with your favorite Asian food.  It’s simple to whip up, and can be served at room temperature.   Click on CURRIED KALE WITH COCONUT for this soo-good-for-you recipe.



  1. Yes, I think of you often as I walk through the garden, shielding my eyes from the dust storm and basking in the 107 degree warmth of the sun, stepping on the crunching remains of my vegetables. Perhaps I am on the surface of Mars and no longer on the third rock from the sun. Oh how I would love to wander the paths of your luxurious garden and touch the tender green leaves, inhale the fragrance or growing things! Your recipe sounds divine…..never thought of that combination.

    • Tinny this has been a bumper year for us. More sun than ever!! After a spring of more rain than ever!! All this sun in this area of “rain forest” is so unusual. I loaded an enormous basket of produce and staggered over to the neighbors with it. Would that I could stagger up the yellow brick road and deliver some to the Emerald City. V.

  2. The unusual combination sounds wonderful! How I envy your lovely garden. As the Tin Man wrote it is dry, dry in our area. I struggle to keep my few herbs in pots going. Enjoy your lush, sun-drenched, fertile garden!

    • We have been so fortunate this summer Jo Nell. The front garden has never looks so lush and luxurious. My pots of rhododendrons are enormous. One not so large pot boasts over two dozen gorgeous flower heads. We are sharing our garden bootee with our non gardening friends. Hmmm. If you were only closer. Virginia

    • Kale is a brilliant vegetable. Here it will grow 12 months of the year, as long as we don’t get a hard frost. If you plan on growing kale next year benefit from our mistake. Only plant a few. I bought started kale plants from the nursery – 6 to a pod. I have enough kale to find 98 families. And the more I cut the more it grows. Virginia

      • My dad would love a prolific plant like this. Am headed to a nursery that handles better “natural” garden plants this week….only a few – got it. (a couple to grow and one to sacrifice to appease the weather and garden gods)Thanks

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