My beautiful vegetable garden rewards me everyday with gorgeous fresh vegetables.  This morning the vibrant rows of beets beckoned me.  I searched among the rows for the beets that were growing a little too big for their own good.  This recipe for Beet salad is wonderful refreshing, and even though it looks mayonnaisey it is lighter than it looks.  Greek yogurt is the trick .  This is wonderful with fresh beets roasted  or boiled.  You can even  make this salad with canned beets.   It’s the ying and the yang of the sweet beets and the sour yogurt gives this salad such an outstanding flavour.   Click on BEETS GREEK STYLE and be prepared to be delighted!


14 thoughts on “BEET SALAD … GREEK STYLE

    • Oh dear Tinny. How could I miss your Moroccan Beet Salad. I’m heading over to Chef Emil’s site as fast as my ruby slippers can carry me. I have a great fondness for Moroccan food with all its gorgeous flavours and color. Our son traveled to Morocco in his gap year. Because of that trip he decided to learn French. He went to University in France and is a decided Francophone. He thinks it would be peachy if he and his French loving Mother bought an apartment in Paris. So does his Mother. XX V.

    • This is my first years of beets in the garden. A rabbit proof fence did the trick. I was so excited to be able to go out into the garden and harvest my own fresh beets. I have just finished making pickled beets. Nothing will go to waste in my garden, Jo Nell. XX Virginia

    • I love the idea of the tahini sauce. We are never without it. Just think of all the wonderful things you can do with it. One of my favs is humus with lots or roasted garlic and lemon. Virginia

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