There are those days  so burnished, so bright they leave you breathless  with their perfection.

A day that ends with a walk to the garden in the early evening.  The sun hiding behind the gossiping corn.  The ritual of choosing the perfect vegetable for a late supper.

Playing the game of hide and seek with the zucchini.

Wrestling stalwart carrots from the clutches of the earth.



A day that began with a walk  to Home Farm to collect eggs.  Returning home laden with pears and apples from the orchard and fresh, fresh eggs.

A day where I fill the  Paris pantry with large wicker baskets of ripening pears.

The perfume of the apples  mingling with  the glorious smell of drying garlic.



The shelves of the pantry gleaming with jars of Fabergé coloured preserves .

Alchemy in the kitchen.

Flour and butter, sugar and apples become golden flaky pastry surrounding cinnamon apples.

Tiny , sweet pears  fill the canning jars.

Today, today was a golden day.  A day burnished and beautiful.

12 thoughts on “A COUNTRY LIFE

    • Pardon me. Did I hear you say spinach?? Tinny, you gotta each your spinach, your zucchini and your carrots when you dine with me. Ignore that girl behind the curtain. What does Shirley Temple know about greens. XXOO V.

  1. Oh, to have a French pantry such as yours! I must confess that I envy your garden when even my pots of herbs are struggling in this end of summer heat that will continue into September. You have a beautiful country life!

    • The pantry was originally the boot room when this was a working dairy farm.. complete with its own outdoor entrance.. It then connected through to the laundry room and then to the back entry. The light finally went on and I rethought the space and created the Butler’s Pantry(laundry room and big kitchen equipment storage) and the French pantry (the former boot room). Sometimes there is a lot of back and forth from the kitchen but it keeps me in shape and I love the luxury off space and storage. Virginia

    • I was really have a super day – that day, Teri. The weather was perfect. The produce was bountiful and we were able to share with our friends. I can truly say “I love my life”. Virginia

    • We are. We are. We are. We have had nothing but wonderful sun all summer. This is unusual for here on what we fondly call” The Wet Coast”. We loved the sun and our gardens really loved the sun. Virginia

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