Lemons glorious  lemons.

Grate the rind, squeeze the juice, whip together sugar and eggs and you create pure alchemy.

This golden dessert is a creation that is heavenly beyond words.  It has the most decadent puckery lemon flavour.  The base is a delicate combination of just the right amount of butter, sugar and flour to contain the shimmery lemon beyond lemon topping. It is the classic dessert for an elegant dinner party.  You can embellish it with fresh seasonal fruits.   Make it magnificent with mounds of whipped cream.  Or simply dust it  with icing sugar and serve it in all its pristine glory.

This dessert is a reputation making recipe.  Join me in the kitchen and click on LEMONY LEMON LEMON SQUARES.




    • In the good old days … when we had our French restaurant I would go through impossible amounts of chocolate and whipping cream. I always made a lemon tart and this is an easy version of that dessert. XX V.

    • This is a good recipe to keep in your apron pocket, Jo Nell. The ingredients are the kind you almost always have in your refrigerator and pantry. No rushing off to the shops to find some exotic ingredient.It is an updated version of a rather old fashion treat. Enjoy. XXOO Mrs. Butterfingers

    • Prepare to pucker up Tinny and Augustine. This is beyond lemon. It’s just barely set lemon filling , the delicate buttery base – this is the dessert dreams are of. You’ll find yourself nibbling away, a bit here, straighten it out there – util GASP , the dessert bar has vanished. Enjoy XX Oo V.

    • Terri this a lovely dessert to make – especially if you are entertaining a largish group. That wasn’t in the agenda the day I made it so I took half to my good friend and neighbor. It was just tooo much temptation to have sitting in the refrigerator sayings “come nibble on me”. I do hope it is the perfect ending for your dinner. Virginia

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