“That people could come into the world in a place they could not at first even name and had never known before”

And that out of a nameless and unknown place they could grow and move around in it until its name they knew and called with love, and call it HOME,

And put roots there and love others there;

So that whenever they left this place they would sing homesick songs about it and write poems of yearning for it, like a lover; . . .   (William Goyen).


This place where we grew up.

This place that surrounds us with loving arms.


It fills our soul with joy.

Our minds with  memories.

Like arms it encircles our being.


This sanctuary against the darkness.

This place of calm and peace.

This world of our making.

This place called HOME.

(William Goyen was an American novelist, poet and teacher.  He was born in a small town in East Texas.  The major themes in his work were about home and family, places and time, sexuality and memory.   Born in l915 William Goyen was married to Doris Roberts (best known for her work in Everybody  Loves Raymond) until his death in l983.

8 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I confess I have never read any of his books nor do I know much about him. Thank you for introducing him. The words you added are even more meaningful than his. Home can be where we live today or home can be where we lived growing up. The picture of a place in your home is lovely!

    • It is not easy to find books by William Goyen. Time has passed him by. I took the photograph in our dining room . The Victorian mirror (I saw the same one on the TV series UpStairs Downstairs) I picked up at an estate sale years ago. The mirror faces a large east window and the sun was just rising. The sunrise turned the living room and dining room into liquid gold. XX Virginia

    • Tinny, we treasure every golden day in our home. We love our life here in the country.. It is a very quiet life and that suits us to a T. We enjoy spending time in our little village of Ladner. It has an excellent library, a couple of supermarkets and a grocery store where the owners follow Mrs. Butterfingers. It’s the kind of store that only sells food and stocks the shelves with dozens of different types of olive oil, vinegars and any gourmet delight they can find. I am certain the rainbow after the rain was over the house of Tin Man and Augustine. XXOO Virginia and Lar

      • We are thinking of moving to the New England area to a small town, perhaps New Hampshire to enjoy cooler weather and live in a small town whereby we can walk to the grocer and other quaint shops. Here we must drive for 30 minutes to get to anything and the last five years with the heat and the drought have made it much too unpleasant to think of continuing ………..alas, we shall see what lies in store…..

      • Picking up sticks and moving is always an enormous challenge. But life is an adventure and change can be exciting. Our move from the prairies to the West Coast was difficult, and our life changed completely. Our horizons broadened. We met wonderful people and know each day that it was the right thing to do. New England or Texas, it is on Lar and Virginia’s wish list to visit you and Augustine one day. Hmmm New England, not that far from Toronto! XXOO V.

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