ROXANNE September 25th,  l958 – 2010

I watched you run across the lawn

in faded jeans and dirty sneakers.

The sun has kissed you often.

Your strong face is freckled with its’ love.

Now you’re playing games,

running faster

jumping higher,

yelling louder.


You sprawl exhausted at my feet,

still for a while.

Then, sandwich in hand

you leap away towards another day.


The sun has only just begun

to dry the dew.

A gust of wind staggers under an almost

too earthy burden of garden fragrances.

I come here often

in the early morning hours.

Perhaps, because here in this garden

we planned together

I feel a special closeness to you.

I picked a rose, still wet with dew,

to lay on your pillow.

I meant to write you words of love


I bring you the first rose that bloomed this morning.


I hold a calendar of memories

and leaf back through the weeks

and years

to a day when we built sand castles on a happy beach.

To a Thursday

encircled in red.

An ordinary day

until you made it special with your first step.

The years have passed as quickly

as these pages I so casually turn.

In my hand I hold all the birthdays,

the first of July picnics,

the first days of school.

All the yesterdays

and todays.

Now you’ve grown-up

and the tomorrows

these belong to you.


(These words are excerpts from a script I wrote for a musical production by the “Sweet Adelines”  performed at The Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts in l972.  It was the story of a young girl growing up on the prairies, told in song and words.  Roxanne played the role of the girl.   The words were for her.)


21 thoughts on “WORDS OF LOVE

    • Time does make things easier Tinny. Some days are more difficult than others. Nursing her through those final days are not pleasant memories, but they memories of her and I wont push them to the back of mind. I wont forget one single precious moment with my daughter. She was an amazing women, and in turn my strength. XXOO V.

    • Lorraine, thank you for your thoughtful words. You are often in my thoughts. Regina seems a long time ago and far away. But, I still thinking of making you and Ed those baked Grand Marnier Souffles. I never did it for anyone else. It was a dessert to be shared by those deeply in love. XXOO V.

    • Hug gratefully accepted Jo Nell. This cherishing each day is so important. We only have this day, this moment. I try very hard to always be very positive. It is what kept my daughter and I going through the terrible times. I have never forgotten this. It is why I will NEVER write anything negative on my blog. I will NEVER use my blog to vent. I have choices and it is as you said to cherish each day and those I love. XX V.

      • When I read your words it is a gentle reminder to live in the moment with my own daughter. I need to be kinder and nicer. Its hard to remember that grades ate not that important!!! I get so cought up in that!
        Tonight big hugs and warm encouragement! Thank you!

      • My daughter and I were so very, very close. It has been a difficult time with out her. I open a book and find an envelope from her that I have used as a book mark. Because she lived so far away from me we corresponded frequently. I saved all her letters, even the envelopes. Thank you for your lovely words. Virginia

  1. So beautiful, Virginia. Your daughter. Your tribute. I lost my step dad this summer. It hasn’t been easy. It helps to read and re-read your words and witness your strength. Thanks for sharing. Big hugs, T.

    • Roxanne’s strength and grace through her battle with cancer became my strength. Five months after she was diagnosed with cancer I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We walked this road together and we walked it proudly. We did not consider ourselves victims. Thank you T. for the hugs. V.

    • It is always lovely to hear from you Resa. Not the easiest post to write but Roxanne and her passing is so much of who I am now. She was an elegant and positive woman. I miss her greatly. XXOO Virginia

      • Dear Virginia,

        I’m sure you miss Roxanne more than even your eloquent words convey. She was a part of you, and now she is a greater part.
        I can only imagine your “missing” of her.
        After 2 months in Ottawa, I miss my Norman and the cats …deeply, and I know I am going home in a few weeks.
        Virginia, I can honestly say here that you are a very lucky person to have known, cared for and loved Roxanne.
        She was also lucky to have you!
        My sister Jacquie got her first cancer 10 years ago. Another 4 cancers and many operations and chemos later she is still alive.

        My dear mom, who you know passed away almost 1 year ago….
        thank you for your kind words at the time… but tears flow now…
        always said:
        “No, it’s not fair, it’s not right that a daughter would pass before her mother.”
        My heart is with you.
        Life is.

        All my love,

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