YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE . . . The Perfect Recipe for a Classic Apple Pie!


Of all our senses it is the sense of smell that sends rushes of memories through your mind.

Early this morning I walked down to Home Farm.  The trees in the small orchard were hung round with apples.

Like a gathering of Christmas Trees.

I held a fresh picked apple to my nose and  instantly I am a child again.

The first of the McIntosh apples had arrived.   A wooden box full of apples, shining like precious rubies, filled the kitchen with fragrant perfume.   They were like rare and beautiful jewels from an exotic place called The Okanagan.   A brilliant coloured painted vista of apple trees, pasted to the end of the wooden box, created a picture in my mind  that The Okanagan must be a place like Oz.

Breathless with excitement I looked for the perfect apple.  The apple with a bit of leaf attached to the stem.  Then the first bite – crisp, crunchy with a glorious tart flavour that made the back of my tongue tingle. That day I discovered what the saying “the apple of my eye” was all about.


I carried these childhood memories of the supreme joy of apples home and into the kitchen.  There I baked them into the perfect apple pie.


Still warm from the oven I  cut two big slices.  Made a lovely pot of Darjeeling tea.   Then Lar and I carried our indulgences out into the sunny afternoon.

You can share this pleasure.  Just click on the name THE CLASSIC APPLE PIE and start baking.


8 thoughts on “YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE . . . The Perfect Recipe for a Classic Apple Pie!

    • And wouldn’t Tin Man’s flying monkeys be happy!! It is only in these later years have I come to realize what an enormous impact the Wizard of Oz movie, and the books made on my life. I longed for a Siamese cat and one Christmas spent my Christmas bonus on one. It wasn’t until I revisited The Oz movie years later that I realized there was a Siamese cat in the movie. I feel the same way about apple trees. I just don’t want the trees throwing apples at me. V.

      • I must write my comments here, snuggled with those of Jo Nell and Virginia. Oh the beautiful words you write make my heart sing and my feet dance……..I feel young again. So wonderful we all have this place to gather and share with each other. You, dearest Virginia, are the poet among us, the one that keeps us dreaming. XXOO

    • Not only do you see the apples on the tree, but the air is perfumed with them. I finally got to go to the place I thought was like Oz – The Okanagon when the apple trees were in bloom. The whole world turned pink. It took my breath away. Virginia

  1. I love apple pie, and it is actually something I know how to make, even the crust. My dear grandmother taught me when I was very young, and I have never forgotten.
    Thanks for the lovely post, Virginia! _Resa xo

    • When you finish your Ottawa stint just think of the pies you could make. We discovered honey crisp apples on one of our many trips to Toronto. They are for me the ultimate eating apple on the market today. Lar and I are looking forward to eating honey crisp apples when we are in Toronto in a couple of weeks. XXOO Virginia

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