There is something simply wonderful about lemons.


This fruit the colour of sunshine.

So beautifully packaged with dimpled skin.

A fruit with such  incredible  flavour  the very word


sings a refreshing, brilliant song to your palate.

This two-bowls- and- a- whisk lemon cake  is so refreshing, so easy to make.  It’s double glazed, first with lemon syrup and then lemon icing.  It has a fine crumb and is deliciously moist.  It perhaps is the ultimate lemon loaf for lemon lovers.  I’ve adapted this from a recipe by one of my favorite cook book authors, Irna Gartner. Start squeezing those lemons and make this cake by simply clicking on the name DOUBLE GLAZED LEMON LOAF.



    • That baking can be dangerous. This was soo good that after I finished taking the photograph I ate two!! pieces. Which meant I couldn’t have any treats for 2 days. I had used up my allotment so I had to be a good girl and not indulge. V.

  1. Oh for the delights of Tinny’s tastebuds! This does sound marvie. You give our wonderful Lemons such choices, first the Lemony Lemon Lemon Squares and now this cake…..even with our drought, we do have a nice harvest of Lemons coming…….we did so enjoy those marvelous puckering Lemon Squares.

    • The yellow brick road must be paved with lemons – I love them so. I ‘m happy you and Augustine enjoyed the lemon squares. They are sweet and sour little bits of nonsense. I am pea green with envy – harvesting lemons!! How glorious. XXOO V.

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