This land.

This growing of things.

It grabs your heart and clutches your soul.



Slender greens spiral up.

Up,  up,  reaching the top of the sky.



That tower high

and  whisper and sing the summer songs.



Then bow to a greater force.

Become the harvest that feeds the body.



The cycle ends.



Autumn mists lovingly caress

the resting fields.



12 thoughts on “CORN HARVEST

  1. wow, they harvest them so green up there, interesting, it seems every area has a different way of doing things, or was that sweet corn, not field corn? And now you are free to see out again! wow.. won’t be long for me either.. c

    • It is field corn for the dairy farm. In the summer I do enjoy the sense of enclosing comfort that corn field gives us, it is wonderful to have our view to the west back again. On a very clear day one can see some coast mountains, and of course ocean going ships going back and forth on the might Fraser River. V.

    • You are absolutely right Jo Nell. That is the mighty Fraser River. Traffic moves along River Road which is actually a dike. Then there is the river. The Fraser is a working river with ocean going ships going up and down to the Fraser docks – a few miles east of where we live. It is very surreal to see what appears to be a ship sailing through farm land. XX Virginia

  2. I always enjoy your photographs, Virginia. Your posts remind me of mini-films. The clouds in the top shot are incredible-looking. I also love the mist and the brilliant splashes of red, blue and green. “It grabs your heart and clutches your soul.” Beautiful celebration! T. (Enjoy the weekend!)

    • Theadora you inspire me with your wonderful words. In one of my other lives I was a television writer and producer. Pictures, words and music work as one for me. I’m looking forward to my son upgrading my blog so I can play at being my own little tv productions.
      As for the week-end today my son Callum turned 45. I have spent most of the day in the kitchen baking a rich chocolate cake, filled with puree of strawberries and chocolate truffle icing. I also made vanilla ice cream. Tomorrow we will gather at The Farm and celebrate together. A few days later Callum and his wife leave for a month in Laos and a return Vietnam. Theadora enjoy your work in the enchanting city of Paris. XXOO V.

  3. My childhood was spent running amongst tall rows of corn…….waiting for the harvest time. Then we would shuck the corn and grind some into cornmeal and shell much of it for the animals. What delightful memories you have awoken. One of my favorite pictures is of my Oma (Mother’s Mother) and I shelling corn by hand. The days were filled with much work, but it was so very satisfying. Ah, to sit and hear the wind rustle through the corn………magical. You provided such a lovely post and I do agree with Theadora….your photos are always stunning.

    • I am quite besotted with the corn here on The Farm. The corn grown back home in Saskatchewan never reached a staggering height. Rarely did it mature to lovely golden nuggets. All this splendor of corn is so exotic to me. When the eating corn ripens the first meal is ALL corn, all you can eat, with all the butter you can lather on. After that we settle down and become dreadfully sensible about my most favorite summer vegetable. XXOO. V.

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