You’ll never buy crackers again once you’ve made these ROSEMARY RAISIN WALNUT CRISPS.    These crackers are  inexpensive and  incredibly easy to make.   They are wonderful with a selection of cheeses or pate.  They would also make an amazing food gift.  Just be sure to include the recipe because everyone who nibbles these crisps wants the recipe.  Canadians who have become hooked on Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps will appreciate being able to make their own at home.

You’ll love this “cracker” type recipe.  The best part you know exactly what you are nibbling.  The  recipe for ROSEMARY RAISIN WALNUT CRISP is on MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.



  1. Hi Virginia,
    I enjoyed meeting you last night at The Murrell’s and loved these crackers so have printed the recipe. You have a new follower! Lyn

  2. Rosemary…raisin…walnut? Sounds like an unusual combination but they look wonderful! I am a cracker and cheese (and wine!)
    person so I will try these as I know your recipes are always keepers. Thanks, Virginia!

    • Jo Nell this recipe is nothing short of brilliant. You’ll be turning yourself into a little crisp making machine. It is PERFECT for wine and cheese. Bon Appetit Virginia

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