We’ve been away.  Traveling to Toronto and Montreal for the most wondrous of reasons  – a family wedding.  A magical, fairy tale wedding that took place deep in a forest in the Laurentians.

Surrounded by friends and family, in a room so filled with love it spilled into the dark forest and lit the sky,  our Andrew and Melanie were joined in marriage.

In this place in the back of beyond, love drifted on wood smoke, the air heavy with the perfume of white roses  and fallen leaves.  Then in  a room lit by candles and firelight ancient fiddle music filled the air with exuberant joy and we joined in this  dance of forever love.




26 thoughts on “A FOREST WEDDING

    • It would have been lovely to have pictures of the bride and groom but I do respect their privacy …so not possible. Enough to say that the bride is drop dead gorgeous, and she looked like a princess. XX V.

    • I was concerned my friends might forget me. I took a little holiday from blogging, but I was always mentally writing it. This was my first time in Quebec and I can’t wait to go back. Virginia

    • Lovely thoughts from you Donna Hall. This wedding was probably the most magical, most filled with love and happiness – than any wedding I have attended. We were so happy to be part of this splendid occasion. XX V.

  1. How very wonderful, marvelous and magical! I so love Quebec. We were so close during these times of vows! The setting is so very lovely. I do imagine that you had the most marvelous time. Glad you are home safe and sound and by the way………I LOVE THE photo you sent of Lars and you in those early days! How wonderful!

    • We were sharing wedding thoughts with you and Augustine that glorious day. The wedding was elegantly rustic with attention to the smallest details. Overhead fairy lights twinkled on the massive dark wood beams. The tables were adorned with lush white flowers in jam jars, and the family speeches had both laughing and crying. XX V.

  2. What a lovely setting for a wedding, Virginia, with your trademark beautifully-written descriptions to accompany the shots. Having been to Québec last summer, I can now envision where this forested spot might be tucked away.

    • The bride is from an old Montreal family. The setting, the music, the menu was so very very French Canadian. In the spring they tap the maple trees and hold sugar offs at this Sugar Shack.
      We returned from the East in time to meet our son and his wife at the airport. One month in Laos and Vietnam. As we drove them home the first thing they remarked on – was how orderly the traffic was. And how quiet. How calm. Last night we saw photographs of their first days in Vietnam – part of 2000 pictures taken.

      • Sounds like quite a multicultural blend of family get-togethers, Virginia. I can relate to your son and daughter-in-law’s feeling about returning home as it reminds me of when I returned to Germany after spending some time in India. The two countries couldn’t be more different!

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