This is a brilliant take on an old fashioned favorite – peanut brittle.    When I was small my Dad would make peanut brittle as a winter treat.   Because of the intense heat the wood stove had to generate to get the syrup up to the right temperature this was a cold weather treat.  He would test the syrup by dropping  spoonfuls on to a plate of snow to ascertain if it was at the soft or hard ball state.   This  ritual, this chopping of kindling, mixing the sugar, chopping the nuts was as much about entertainment as having a sweet treat.  This little delight is waiting for you to create your own alchemy in the kitchen.  Click on POPCORN BRITTLE and enjoy.


8 thoughts on “POPCORN BRITTLE

    • And how is your diet willpower doing?? I do so love a nibble of this and that and have a wonderful sweet tooth. This popcorn brittle is less calories than the peanut version. A serving size – about 1 1/2 ounces is just 165 calories. So treat yourself once in a while darling girl. Virginia

  1. As Theadora would say………..Ring……a Ding…….Ding……you have found a delight from decades ago, when I was just a small tin can! Oh this used to be made from fresh sugar cane syrup that we pressed from the cane! Oh so long ago………you awoke another memory.

    • For me this treat reminded me of the box of CRACKER JACKS we would buy for 5cents at the movie theatre. They were a type of caramel corn with a prize in every box. Oh sweet memories of life. XxOO V.

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