In a very old part of Cabbage Town.

On a very old narrow street.

There is a very old cottage

With rooms enfilade.

Wiggly, piggly creaking narrow staircases going up and down.

Nothing is new.  Nothing is perfect.

Everything  sublimely shabby with inherited memories.

Beautifully worn chairs  gossip in a corner.

Tables polished by generations of loving care.

Fire crackles and sparks glinting off  gold on leather bound books.

Everywhere on every wall paintings  and  photographs.

Three ancient Oriental paintings adorn the dining room wall.

Geishas  I think as I slide into the pictures and listen to temple bells.

A yellow japaned Chinoise desk whispers secrets.

Letters wrapped round with faded ribbons.

Faded photographs pictures from the past.

The little house folds its sheltering  walls around you.

These walls hold all the yesterdays, todays and promises of tomorrows.

This little cottage in Cabbage Town.

11 thoughts on “CABBAGE TOWN COTTAGE

    • Your my kind of girl!! My friends moved from a terribly, terribly posh part of Toronto – to Cabbage Town. They loved the beautiful old houses and row houses, the old trees, the non-conforming stores and restaurants, but most of all they loved the wonderfully unorthodox mix of people. Cabbage Town is truly accepting of all races, religion, and financial means. V.

  1. She sounds like a delightful lady, tucked away off Parliament Street. How wonderful to be able to enjoy being wrapped within the folds of her skirt and ponder upon her past, the marvelous dame of a cottage in Cabbage Town. Your words have brought her to life for me and I know your visit with her was pure enchantment.

  2. Perfect timing. I was in need of a lift. I was in need of a trip to the little house in Cabbage Town, Virginia. The sound of “wiggly, piggly creaky steps” comforts, always. I keep reading your words again and again , seeing the layers and the traces, and the treasures, too. Sheltering walls. No echoes. I loved how you slid into the pictures. That’s a beauty of line. Thanks for inspiration. I’m off now to prepare some tea! T.

    • Theadora you would love this home. Even if it was empty it talk to you. The sepia school photographs of lacrosse and hockey teams. The kitchen with an enormous picture of James Dean. The stacks and stacks of books. A large ceramic tiger’s head vase holding flowers, and tea made in a beautiful teapot festooned with china leaves and flower. Oh Joy!!

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