We’ve been so busy baking or buying artisan breads, healthy breads, 48 grain breads and so on,  we have forgotten wonderful white bread.  Not the pallid, gummy tasteless white bread sold in plastic bags.   But white bread, as it should be.  I started baking this bread more than 50 years ago.  It is so good it can hold its own against all comers.  It’s not difficult to make and it  makes the best toast and sandwiches.

For this amazing white bread recipe click on my food blog  MRS BUTTERFINGERS.



    • That is the BEST compliment my bread has ever received!! I don’t do this often, but when those sweet loaves of lusciousness come out of the oven I slice the first thick crust, spread is lavishly with unsalted butter, and nibble away in a state of bliss. V.

    • Oh yes Jo Nell that’s what I say with each delightful slice. But then I do restrain myself to just a few slices over an allotted time. Hmmm I think it’s time for a slice. V.

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