How far back can you remember?

I remember, I remember when I was very small.

I remember my mother going away

to England.

Coming home with a valise of presents.

Two silk dresses.

I remember how they felt.

Light as a sigh.

Mine the luscious colour of the inside of a peach.

My sister hers the colour of an early morning sky


My darling, darling older sister Mona celebrates a December birthday.   Perhaps it is because she is a December baby she embraces Christmas with more joy, more excitement than any one I know.


The perfect birthday card for my sister’s 83rd birthday.



    • Lucky me – I had TWO sisters. One younger, one older. Our older sister was rather like a second mother. My younger sister is 4 years young that me so there was nine years difference between the eldest and the youngest. You do the math to figure out how old I am!

  1. What a lovely birthday tribute to your sister! You both are adorable and I can see the same smile in you today. My oldest sister turned 83 in September. Aren’t we lucky to have big sisters? The dresses are precious! Cheers to you both!

  2. The smiles say it all. The dresses are beautiful. Hope Mona has a wonderful day and I know once she receives that card her day will be perfect.

    Love your far away friend

    • Not only did I make her a special card Donna, I made her two beautiful silk pillows in the colours of the oriental carpet she has in her living room. Nothing but the best for my sister Mona. xxoo Ginny

    • On Tinny – now I”m swooning with delight with such a wonderful compliment. My Mother gave us girls a fairy-tale childhood. She was a great story teller and absolutely believed in fairies. Mona was the perfect older sister – generous and loving. XXOO V

      • Then what a delight that you continue to share that beautiful bond you have………and you know, she is correct…..there really are fairies…if you look just out of the corner of your eye you will see them as the sunlight reflect off their gossamer wings.

  3. What a thoughtful card. What beautiful frocks, Virginia! I agree with the Tin Man. You haven’t changed at all. Cute hair cut! What sweet peter pan collars and ruffles and more ruffles. You’ve inspired me to send my sister a card “just because” she’s my sister. And she’s a treasure. Another lovely meshing of memories, words and images. Have a wonderful weekend! T.

    • They were quite elegant little frocks for the times. Our Mother had a strong sense of style and these were beautiful dresses. They made us feel like princesses T. I know my love for fashion was inspired by my Mother. The first lesson she taught me about shopping was “it is better to buy one good blouse, then two cheap blouses for the same amount. Cheap is always cheap.” You have a glorious week-end also. XX OO V.

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