The morning in Paris began silvery gray.

On a cloudy morning Paris shimmers with a brilliance.

A brilliance polished by centuries of admiration.

We were in the 6th Arrondissement.

The birthplace of the existential movement.

Dazzling with the hippest art galleries and bookshops.

The sun came out as we strolled the cobbled streets popping into that most decadently delicious Valette for  Foie Gras.

Oh the joy of nibbling your way through  the Raspail Organic Market.

Devouring  piping hot potato-onion and carrot-wheat galettes .

Then I met my dream.

In a  shop perfumed with delicious cooking aromas.

An immaculate white clad chef beckons me.  I cross the creaking  worn wood floor and caressed  La Cornue,  the epitome of stoves.     Not for me a Viking,  an Imperial or a Wolf, or even an Aga.  The stove of my dreams was La Cornue.

An alter to culinary extraordinaire.

My bouillabaisse would be better.

The croissants crispier, light than air.

The chocolate cake richer and darker.

It called to me.   It would be the heart of my dream kitchen.  It would be the soul of wonderful food memories.    I left clutching brochures to cherish.  Perhaps one day I would have my La Cornue engraved with my name .  (Yes, when you order a La Cornue stove they build it just for you, and then engrave it. )

LA CORNUE  , 18 rue Nabillon,   the dream I met in Paris.


21 thoughts on “I MET MY DREAM IN PARIS

  1. Trust you to be in the intellectual centre of Paris. I am soon to follow in your footsteps.

    Au plasire de vous revoir, mom chere ami…


  2. Wow, never heard of that stove! How interesting. It must cost a lot, although I’m sure well worth the price.
    I chuckled at the thought of nibbling one’s way through a market. Sweet post Virginia! _Resa xo

  3. Williams Sonoma had a fabulous French stove that I would have loved, but I would have also had to get rid of a number of things in my kitchen to get it in. 🙂 Looks like you had a wonderful time. Did you get to meet Theodora?


    • Ah… we are sisters. If I had a la Cornue I would lavish such care on i the stovet wouldn’t miss Paris one little bit. And, of course I would cook all my favorite French dishes. XX Virginia

    • You’re such a sweetie-pie with the lovely comments. I don’t think that French stove will come into my kitchen any time soon. However, it has always been my theory that a good cook should be able to cook on anything. You just have to adjust your expectations and recipes. I believe I have cooked some of my best food – years ago – on an old wood stove at our cottage.V.

    • Yes Tinny, my daughter and I were in Paris. It was my first visit. Roxanne, living in Amsterdam, had been there many times. We never stopped. Barely slept. Simply became part of the Paris scene. Her favorite story of our time there was being separated briefly while having a glass of wine at Buddha Bar. When she returned she found me drinking champagne with a gentleman so charming we christened him The Count. XXOO

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