I have run out of wall space to hang art.

I have  hung art in the laundry room.

The powder room.

Over the kitchen stove.

Even outside on the patio.

There simply wasn’t anyplace left to hang



I had discovered this wonderful portfolio of Titian’s painting in a used bookstore.  They were closing shop.  The portfolio cost me all of a whole dollar. I knew exactly what I would do with  the series of close-up sections of the painting.  I could mount them on artists canvas and create my own gallery, but I had run out of wall space.  Unless I could figure out a way to hang art on tile and mirror.

The solution was almost magic.  3M Command strips.  They stick to anything and can be removed without living a trace.

A six-foot by six-foot mirror.   A few measurements.  Put up the strips.  Voila – my art gallery.


Six bits of art hung and nary a nail in sight.  The painting was commissioned by Niccolo Aurelio to celebrate his marriage around 1513 – 1514.


Here’s the bride …


and her beautiful face.


Partly facing the bride is Venus, goddess of love.


She looks rather thoughtful.


In the background a romantic pastoral scene .


Love the two rabbits in the foreground.

I have left the best to last.  The very best.  In the centre of the painting cupid fishes about in the fountain.  What better place for cupid then in my bathroom.


Cupid is the first thing I see every morning.  He makes me smile.


The shower is separate so the rest of my gallery is safe all because of 3M Command Strips.  If you don’t want to put nails in walls, or want to hang your art in unusual places these Command strips are your answer.

SACRED AND PROFANE LOVE has found the perfect home.

15 thoughts on “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF WALLS . . .

  1. I had heard of these but did not think they would really work. Thanks for sharing your find. I like putting art in unexpected places also and with your method there are even more possibilities. You seem to make everything you touch beautiful!

    • Oh Jo Nell you are sweet. Yes these little darlings really work and you can remove them without leaving a mark on the wall. (I thought perfect for people who can’t put nails into their walls) XX V.

    • These Command strips are brilliant, Celi. They come in various sizes so weighty items can be safely hung. And I guarantee you, you can remove them without leaving a single magic. I was so happy to cover that broad expanse of mirror in my bedroom. Just too much reflection. V.

    • Dear Girl you aren’t just whistling Dixie. Command strips (in various sizes and types) are absolutely brilliant. Now that I have discovered what a wonderful make-over they do to mirrors I am planning on hanging an ornate framed mirror over a rather boring plate glass bathroom mirror. XX Virginia

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