Between the time of remembering

and the moment of forgetting

there is a country

where we gathered treasured moments.


My library Santas … gifts from my Mother.


My Santa carries  a treasured tiny book – Poems of Keats … a gift from my oldest friend,  Jill.


A  Christmas prince  so handsome, so charming as all princes must be.


For every prince there must be a frog.   An outrageous frog – a Christmas remembrance from my sister Heather.


A table tableau  of  old silver – remembering past Christmas feasts with friends and family.


And finally the cards of Christmas past.  An exquisitely illustrated card  my daughter sent me years ago.  It is always the first thing to be set out when I begin my slow Christmas and the last to be put away.

Between the time of remembering

and the moment of forgetting

there is Christmas.


  1. As Nancy Hughes said:
    Snowflakes falling,
    Friends come calling,
    Decorations in green and red.
    Smells enticing,
    Bowls of icing,
    For cookies and gingerbread.

    Augustine and I are beginning our slow Christmas Dance also.
    Our best to you and Lar…….such lovely memories and photographs……you have made old Tinny very nostalgic!

    • Tinny what a fab poem. A delight. I shall put it on one of my Christmas Cards. This is a time of remembering. We bought our fresh Christmas tree yesterday. It’s very crisp and cold here ( for this area) so it is stashed away in the garage in a big pail of water. On the week-end I will start decorating it. A decorating collection going back 57 years will go on the tree. That’s a lot of nostalgia! Lar and I will have you and Augustine in our thoughts. This will be a very special Christmas for you two – much to celebrate. XXOO L & V

    • I know a lot of people don’t care for silver – the polishing and maintenance of it. But I love silver, the older the better. I have one sterling silver dinner fork that belonged to my grandmother.It’s over a hundred years old, and most of the silver has worn away. I still use it though, and always think ” my grandmother used this long ago. Now it is in my hand.”

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