HUMMINGBIRD CAKE – It will have you humming with happiness.


The other day I was searching my cookbook library and came across a Vogue cookbook from the nineteen eighties. Leafing through the pages I spotted the title of this cake.  HUMMINGBIRD CAKE.  How intriguing.  Apparently this cake originated in the deep South and was extremely popular at barbeques and other fine affairs.

The method of making the cake is easy.  Just two bowls.  One for the dry ingredients and one for the wet.  No mixer required.  You can even make the icing in a food processor.  The ingredients are  ones found in most pantry’s.

So – why the wonderful exotic name?   I served it to fellow food maven, Dellis.  Two forkfuls and all I heard was “hmmmm”.  No further explanation required.  This is a fabulous cake.  The combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger gives it a rather Christmasy flavour.  I think it would be the perfect ending for your holiday meal.  It’s quick to make. It will keep several days in your refrigerator so you can eliminate any last-minute preparations.  I absolute guarantee you this is a reputation making cake.  Just click on HUMMINGBIRD CAKE and sing “jingle bells”.  Before you’ve finished your song your cake will be in the oven.  Well – practically!

14 thoughts on “HUMMINGBIRD CAKE – It will have you humming with happiness.

    • Tinny I just knew I had found something wonderful in this old cookbook. I didn’t know how wonderful. To bring such memories with this cake is truly special. I baked this cake for Lar’s Saturday birthday. We sang that
      Beatle’s song to him ..
      When I get older
      losing my hair
      many years from now
      Will you still be sending me valentines,
      birthday greetings, bottle of wine …
      XxOO V.

  1. I just found the recipe online! Thanks for the tip. I think this will be a great way to make an English Christmas cake that actually tastes good. Hope you’re enjoying every day of your slow Christmas!

    • Here’s a warning Gayle. It is hmmmm so good. It makes a lot of servings, so consequently dangerous to have around. I made it for my husband’s birthday last Saturday. After the party I gave half the cake to my son and his wife. Virginia

    • I had heard the name “Hummingbird cake” ages ago, and thought it was something I should check then I forgot about. Going through old cookbooks that I was planning to donate to our Thrift Shop – there it was. I will say this – it should be illegal is so so delicious!!
      Hope you are all organized for Christmas and simply enjoying all the fun parties and excitement. XxOO Virginia

    • So very few people know about this cake. But those that do – Jo Nell and Tinny – are from the South. Our son was over the moon with the cake. Lar is asking – can we have it for Christmas. I think the name should be changed to The Happiness Hummingbird Cake. XX Virginia

    • Lauren you are calling it right. Except it is easier. No grating carrots. It is a sweetheart of a cake. So easy to make. The hardest part is the icing – which isn’t difficult at all – so there you are. My heart felt wishes for a happy Christmas and all the very best in the New Year. XX Virginia

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